RWM, the biggest recycling and waste management exhibition in the UK, returns to the NEC, Birmingham on 11 and 12 September 2019


WM is the biggest recycling and waste management exhibition in the UK, and the

2018 event proved exactly why it has earnt that position atop the mountain. Bringing 21,500 visitors through the doors at the NEC in September, RWM, alongside the PRYSM environmental portfolio, provided the premier opportunity for professionals in the industry to network, learn and put themselves ahead of the curve. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, proving to everyone that the hardwork and dedication of the organisers manifested exactly as it was promised. RWM 2019 will see a plethora of new features

added in order to continue to not only grow itself, but aid the exponential growth of the recycling and waste industry as well. If you took the time to venture outside at the

2018 event, you might have been able to catch some of the live demos done by the likes of Fogmaker as they showed off their fire suppression tech. This is something that RWM 2019 will see grow even bigger, as the Live Demo Area will be the place to be if you want to witness and experience the capabilities of the machinery and vehicles on display in the exhibiting halls. For those who might be too caught up in the hubbub of the exhibiting floor, or just do not want to risk getting their shoes dirty in the typical British rain, there will be a seminar theatre with a livestream to the demo area. This will be a popular feature, as any suppliers of vehicles, machinery, moving equipment and anything similar will find their home here, making for a hub of excitement and the awe inspiring capabilities of the machines and vehicles on display. Waste-Tech will be the space for any curious

professional to go and seek out the most cutting edge in AI and Robotic technology for the waste and recycling sector, enquiring not only about how it all works, but how it can benefit aspects of business such as productivity, safety and accuracy. The seminar theatre in Waste-Tech will be one of the biggest theatres across all the shows to allow for the large footfall and interest Prysm expects to see from this new expansion. Industry experts and pioneering professionals will be leading seminars and guiding visitors through their products, with live demos also being expected to really impose the capabilities of the technology onto the show visitors. This idea started life with the intention of remaining a conference, but with clear interest being shown by the industry suppliers, it confirms suspicions that AI & Robotics is soon to become an integral part of the sector. RWM will look to evolve this into an entirely new


RWM 2019

sister show in the future to add to the expanding and comprehensive Prysm Environmental Portfolio. With the huge breadth of materials the world

deals with being brought to the table at RWM it was clear that a zone dedicated to learning about properties and potential of these materials would be an excellent addition to the event. Materials World will fill this gap in the market, with a dedicated space for expert associations to exhibit alongside the Materials World Theatre. With the wheels fully in motion to have this become an integral part of the RWM machine, it is amazing to say that RWM has a first time partner in British Glass, who will be joining the returning Recycling Association, Recycling of Used Plastics and the Confederation of Paper Industries who make up the first block of confirmed partners to be apart of this new feature. With so much interest in the amazing variety of

electric vehicles at last years RWM, and the great feedback received from the exhibiting companies, the extension and inclusion of a Zero Emissions Zone at RWM 2019 was an easy decision to make. Driven by a combination of exceptional interest from visitors as well as the global emissions crisis that is deeply, and worryingly, affecting the planet’s climate, this new zone will be a place where all things zero emissions can be found, as well as advice from the market leaders. Despite having some of the best quality panels

the Waste Industry had seen at 2018’s RWM, there was still room for improvement. Across both days of RWM 2019, the Keynote Theatre will present inspirational, expert-led sessions from some of the industry’s leading organisations and most reputable professionals RWM 2019 will be the biggest and best it has

ever been. The foundations have been laid out and now the Prysm team will start working on building RWM to being the premier event for Waste and Recycling professionals not just in the UK, but across the world.

RWM 

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