The return of retail, but not as we know it

When non-essential retailers reopen stores across England from 15 June, provided that they are able to maintain social distancing measures, Britain will have endured almost three months in the absence of non- essential retail, with only a select few shops open during the coronavirus lockdown. Now, Britain’s retailers are set to make a much-



Following 12 months of meticulous preparation, Bond It has now been awarded

ISO 45001

standard (for implementation of an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system). We now boast accreditation in all 3 categories for manufacturing companies; ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001

@DarlacGardening As a general rule of thumb, you should be watering your garden with about 2 inches of water a week. If you overwater that leads to the inevitable problems, but under-watering can lead to shallow root systems and weaker plants.

@10DowningStreet We

need to control the

virus to save lives. If you’re going shopping, wear a face covering if you can.


Due to high demand following Covid-19 closures and outstanding credit management faced by the sector, HAI will be collaborating with Declan Flood to deliver his Credit Control: From Start to Finish workshop via Zoom next month. Find out more and book here: https:// course/credit-control-start- finish/


Output continues to improve and now stands at 79%, compared to 75% last week, with London making significant gains up from 68% to 77%.


anticipated return, but whilst this represents an opportunity for

Will Broome, Founder and

ailing retailers to enjoy much-needed custom, the new retail landscape is vastly different from the one they left some months ago. With the coronavirus having a considerable impact across every layer of society, how can retailers best ensure that their return is successful?

CEO of retail tech pioneers Ubamarket, is one industry expert who believes that the most

successful stores will

go beyond the government mandated cleanliness and hygiene guidelines, by adapting their operations and services to offer more convenient and modern shopping experiences. He said: “Despite the havoc that

Britain in BBQ Boom!

Ahead of National BBQ

Week, which started on 25 May, Weber

released its

latest market report, as good weather and lockdown have combined to create a BBQ boom in Britain! Barbecuing has never been

more popular in the UK says Weber Barbecues (weber. com). More people in the UK are searching for barbecue information than ever before and search terms have doubled since this time last year (Source: Google Trends - May 2020). One of the world’s biggest barbecue brands, Weber Barbecues, has recorded a huge surge in UK

sales and an increased appetite for barbecue inspiration. “With people spending more time at home and with such good weather, we’ve inevitably seen a spike in people looking for creative ways to cook out, whilst staying in,” said Chris Trewitt, Weber’s marketing director, Western Europe. “We have seen an increased

interest in specialist accessories from our Gourmet Barbecue System range, such as the Pizza Stone and the Poultry Roaster and an increase in our follower base on Instagram by 42 per cent in just two months as people are actively seeking creative ways

to barbecue beyond the usual bangers and burgers. “On

average the what British

barbecuer will have one to three cook-outs a month over the summer. We predict this will more than triple in 2020 and

Fiskars’ annual Happiness and Wellbeing Study

Fiskars has released the

results of its annual Happiness and Wellbeing Study, which analyses consumer insight into gardening and its beneficial effect both on physical and mental wellbeing. The results are more poignant than ever due to this current period where consumers are spending more time at home.

The study is centred on finding out how gardening impacts people’s lives and it highlights that gardening is a welcome escape from stressful lives. Almost 90 per cent of people

is being cooked could

lead to a revolution in British barbecuing. With garden centres now opening, we hope the nation will be further supported in what is taking shape to be one of their most popular pastimes.”

people surveyed also stated that gardening

reduces anxiety or

stress. It offers an opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, as well as providing a real sense of purpose and achievement. The same percentage of people believe

that garden is

is being caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, I believe that the crisis is bringing into focus a number of pre-existing problems with the way in which we shop. Ever-changing store


outdated queues and checkouts, and the lack of communication between retailers and their customers are just some of the issues that Covid-19 has made very clear.

“Now, the question facing

retailers is not ‘when will things go back to normal’ but rather ‘how can we adapt our offering to make sure we are aligned with the changing trends and new retail

landscape?’ Adhering to the new guidelines established by the government in terms of cleanliness, social distancing and hygiene measures is of course essential, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. “Retail tech offers a solution, in Ubamarket’s case in the form of a simple app, which can put consumers

in control,

away with the need for time- consuming queues, unhygienic checkouts, and confusion about where products are and whether they are in stock.”


working on their just as important as

enjoying the results. According to the study, this extra time has provided many consumers with an opportunity to learn new skills, such as growing food, which almost nine out of 10 of those surveyed said is a great way to care for their family. To support Fiskars’ consumer- focussed

Happiness and responded

that they believe that gardening increases happiness, with 95 per cent agreeing it is a good way to keep physically fit. Additionally, 88 per cent of

Wellbeing Study, the company is also offering a 2020 spring trade offer, which follows on from a successful campaign that took place last year. This offer, running until the end of June, is designed to both incentivise garden-loving consumers and drive retail sales uplift when garden centres do safely re-open to the public.

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