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While the lockdown halts


As the nation experiences lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many brands are left unsure as to if and how they should be communicating to consumers and supporting sales that are still key to their business. However, a new survey has revealed consumers actually do want to hear from brands, and there are smart ways to do it.


he research by in-home marketing experts, Come Round has highlighted that almost three quarters (71%) of people find

it helpful to receive inspiring content from brands. In addition, more than half (51%) of respondents believe that brands have an important role to play in helping to entertain them and/or their children while on lockdown. The survey of consumers also found that how brands deliver messages is key. The research, which polled over 2,500 people, found that a third (36%) preferred a positive and upbeat tone, whilst just over a quarter (26%) suggested that brands showing themselves as offering up helpful information was key. Only 6% of people surveyed appreciated a serious

tone, underlining that

despite the difficulty of the current situation consumers are keen for some light relief.

24 DIY WEEK MAY 2020

Supporting business While

brands are rightly being

cautious about their communications with consumers right now, they are also mindful of the business reality. Many want to find ways to drive sales, but with sensitivity to the current climate. In addition, with an increase in e-commerce sales, greater focus is being placed on finding ways to help consumers identify products

when their

usual shopping routines are being disrupted. Through its in-home marketing model and access to tens of thousands of consumers, Come Round, can support brands in driving brand advocacy, genuine recommendations and ultimately sales at this challenging time. For businesses who are looking to stay connected with their consumers with direct communication, the most common platforms being utilised is direct to customer email, with over half of people (56%) stating this is

how they are hearing from brands. Following this, a quarter of people (25%) have said that brands posting on social media channels is how they are keeping up to date. Brands concerned that consumers

may start to feel bombarded by their communication should be reassured that almost two thirds of people (62%) stated that they are receiving an adequate amount of communication, and only 16% said that they felt bombarded by the level of information brands are pushing out.

Thinking creatively However, in this environment, now, more than ever, brands need to think creatively about how they connect with consumers. Come Round is a word-of-mouth marketing agency which harnesses the power of consumers recommending to their friends and family the products and services they genuinely love. Nielsen research* shows that word of mouth recommendations are the most

trusted form of advertising

(trusted by 9 out of 10 people). Pioneering the concept of party marketing in the UK, Come Round has spring boarded product launches for global brands like Philips, Panasonic and Dyson, ultimately boosting sales through hundreds


traditional marketing, brands need to find new opportunities to reach consumers at home. They need to seek out creative ways to communicate which stand out from others as well as to reach the quarter of consumers (23%) surveyed who felt unsatisfied with the way they were being marketed to, claiming they have not yet received anything helpful from brands. There is an enormous opportunity here for brands to come to the aid of consumers with something fresh and fun yet at the same time highly effective and targeted.

Communicating with consumers Giles Harris, founder & CEO of Come Round, says: “During this uncertain time, we understand that it can be tricky for businesses to know how to communicate with consumers, and if they should be communicating at all. Come Round can help brands forge meaningful relationships with their consumers in fun and innovative ways, whether that’s trying new products or enabling them to fall back in love with brands already in their home – with their experiences all shared among their personal network. In light of the current situation, we’ve tweaked our party marketing model and are now focused on connecting with families, bringing a sense of togetherness and positivity across UK homes.

“Since 2010, we’ve been simultaneous

nationwide brand-themed house parties. Key is knowing how to get product into the right hands and homes, getting people to engage in the most fun way possible in order

creating authentic word of mouth marketing experiences from inside households. Whether that’s food and drink brands needing to take their sampling plans into the home, entertainment companies having to adapt their release strategy or simply brands seeking to be relevant and helpful to cabin-fevered families at this difficult time. And of course, once lockdown restrictions ease, we will be ready and waiting to help consumers celebrate with their favourite brands.”


Come Round is a marketing agency that combines the power of word of mouth and influencer marketing. With unprecedented access to the nation’s most influential consumers, they provide brands with the tools to get into the hands and homes of the right people to make a real difference. Come Round helps brands get the country talking about them in a sensitive and relevant way, which brings joy and interaction to homes around the UK. Visit to find out more.

*Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, Trust, Value and Engagement in Advertising. Come Round surveyed 2,500 people from across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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