Solvite wallpaper paste – Still going strong

SOLVITE Extra Strong Wallpaper Adhesive – still going strong after all these years. Solvite is another iconic British brand in DIY. A brand made famous for putting the strength of its adhesion to the ultimate test. In 1968, to demonstrate its strength in a dramatic way, Solvite pasted a man in decorator’s overalls to a board and suspended him over shark-infested waters. To surpass this, Henkel UK’s managing director at the time, was pasted to the

board whilst being suspended over a snake pit, Indiana Jones style! They went on to shoot the ‘man-on- a-board’ up the Stratosphere Tower in Los Angeles, and then lastly flew him over Miami suspended from a helicopter. An old man now but one that’s still going strong. Today Solvite remains the nation’s much-loved wallpaper adhesive for all types of wallpaper, with ancillary lines that make the wallpapering task even easier. From the 1960s, to present day, Solvite continues to be made at Henkel’s factory in Winsford Cheshire. n For more information, visit:

UniBond No More Nails – Sticks virtually anything to anything

UNIBOND No More Nails is another of Henkel’s biggest ever successes. It is a product that transformed UniBond’s reputation for innovation in the late 1990s and a product that single-handedly injected growth into a static market, recruiting new users to a brand-new sector. The high strength grab adhesive that eliminates the need for nails or screws, was first launched in 1996. Manufactured in Winsford, Cheshire, it quickly became a household name with national television advertising. UniBond No More Nails, born in Britain, remains the brand leader today and it now successfully sells in DIY markets in over 75 countries around the world. This year marks the 25th anniversary since the launch of No More Nails. In recognition of this, UniBond has launched a 25 per cent ‘Free Anniversary’ pack of their popular tube format which is available from leading DIY wholesalers. n For more information, visit:

UniBond Tile Adhesives & Grouts – They won’t let you down

UNIBOND produces an extensive range of wall and floor tile adhesives and grouts to meet the needs of both the tradesman and DIYer.

UniBond Tile adhesives and grouts are blended, using the very best raw materials in the UK, in Winsford, Cheshire so that tilers can rely on a great performing product every time.

In addition, UniBond now provides a

great range of ‘grout revivers’ and a ‘sealant renovation’ product UniBond RE-NEW. These products are designed for consumers living in rented accommodation, or homeowners without the time or inclination to strip out their old grout and sealant. This easy-to-use quick fix bathroom regeneration range really does make a tired, mouldy sealant or grout look like new! n For more information, visit:

So, you see Henkel has some great British brands in its portfolio that serve both the tradesman and the DIYer very well. The firm strives to provide high performance, easy to use, time saving products that its customers will want to purchase time after time. MAY 2020 DIY WEEK 11

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