Our oil has been developed over a number of years to make looking after wood as easy as possible. The oil has been manufactured so that it penetrates to just beneath the surface of the wood which means that it can’t peel or flake making ongoing maintenance of your wood/furniture a lot easier than sanding down and re-painting. Ongoing treatment consists of washing your wood/ furniture with soapy water 2-3 times per year to remove grime, falling pollution and spores. Once dry, spray or wipe frogsuit on the upper surfaces of the wood and wipe off any excess.   01538 361393

Woodcare brand LIBERON is bringing a splash of colour to the garden with its new Garden ColourCare range. Within the range is Garden ColourCare Decorative Furniture Oil, which can revamp all exterior woodworks and garden furniture and is ideal for teak, exotic wood or pine. Meanwhile, Garden ColourCare Shed & Building Paint is a durable paint for outdoor use that is ideal for enhancing any wooden exterior. Most types of European and exotic woods, both new or old, can be given a new lease of life with the Garden ColourCare Decorative Woodstain, says Liberon. Finally, with its advanced three-in-one formulation of stain protection, timber seal and colour, Liberon’s Garden ColourCare Decking Paint can be applied to exterior wooden flooring for a quick and easy revamp.  01797 367555 


The Roxil landscaping protection range from SAFEGUARD EUROPE keeps patios and outdoor wood looking their best for up to 10 years while maintaining their natural aesthetic, says the company. The cleaning and waterproofing range consists of Roxil Wood Protection Cream, Roxil Patio Cream and Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner. Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner is a liquid-based cleaner for exterior surfaces such as decking, fencing, sheds, patios and paved surfaces. It is designed to remove dirt, moss and algae; and provides a soft-washing alternative to power-spray and acidic cleaning methods. Roxil Wood Protection Cream is a silicone cream emulsion used to invisibly waterproof softwood for 10 years with a single coat application. Roxil Patio Cream is a specially-formulated cream emulsion used to protect patio surfaces without changing their colour or texture. 


Nourish & Protect Woodworm Killer from BARRETTINE is a traditional, deep penetrating, low odour, oil/ solvent based woodworm killer which prevents and exterminates woodworm and wood-boring insects from timber. It is ideal for treating furniture, flooring and structural timbers. Contact with plastics and roofing felts should be avoided. The product kills all common insects including common furniture beetles, house longhorn beetles, powder post beetles and wood-boring weevils. It also kills larvae and eggs when in direct contact. Marketing and technical literature available on request.  0117 960 0060

A new range of Andersons clip strip deals are now available from CENTURION. Some of our bestselling products make up the deals, including Secateurs, five-piece twist nozzle sets tap connectors, and water butt taps. A great way to boost seasonal sales, these clip strip deals are just one element of the complete POS merchandising service we offer on all of our ranges, says Centurion. Speak to your area sales manager or call the number below for more details. FREE SAMPLES: The first 10 customers to email: marketing@ will receive a free Andersons sample pack including a selection of our great value gardening products. 01302 800262 

BARRETTINE’s Nourish & Protect Wood Preserver is a high quality, low odour, oil/solvent based, deep penetrating preserver which is used for the protection against wood destroying fungi (wet rot), wood discolouring fungi and wood-boring insects. It provides a semi-transparent matt/ satin finish, allowing the natural wood texture to be visible. No subsequent top coat product is required unless for aesthetic purposes. It is intended for outdoor use and also for use on windows/frames, external doors/ frames (internal & external sections). The clear product can also be used on structural timbers in unoccupied areas such a floor joists.  0117 960 0060

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From BARRETTINE comes the Nourish & Protect – Wood Protective Treatment. This is an ideal wood treatment for outdoor, pre-treated timber structures such as sheds, fences, trellis, pergola and timber gazebos. It is a low build film product that absorbs into the wood with successive coats building onto the surface to give excellent water repellency and beading. The product is oil/solvent based for deeper penetration of substrate. Contains water repellent resins and film biocide preserver to prevent surface growth of mould and algae and together this helps reduce decay, swelling, twisting of wood. The pigments have good UV fade resistance and will help protect wood from UV damage. It is also friendly to beneficial insects when dry.  0117 960 0060

BARRETTINE’s Nourish & Protect Anti-Slip Decking Oil is an all-new, premium quality top coat decking oil incorporating anti-slip technology. It has been designed to improve grip on decking, handrails and wooden steps. A low sheen finish with UV stabilisers helps to slow wood turning grey. The product also resists flaking or cracking with excellent water beading. It oils and protects, and contains surface biocide to protect against fungal and mould attack. For further enquiries please contact the sales office.  0117 960 0060

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