share of garden equipment, leisure and sundries given the breadth of range that they can offer Nevertheless, garden centr es have also their share of higher

ff r.. r-

grown r-value pr oducts,

such as furniture and leisure items, to combat the peaks and troughs of seasonal sales.

The UK garden products distribution market is undergoing a steady transformation. Growth in online sales and demand for convenience

is leading to

significant change within the industry, as bulky and fragile itemsy,, as bulky a can now be readily transported to a consumer’s home, while specialist ‘e-tailers’ are able to keep a wider range of products available from a large number of suppliers.

The DIY sector has been innovative in its adoption of technology while the garden centre sector has been slower to respond, adoption is now widely gathering pace in this channel. This reflects the drive towards an ‘omni-channel’ approach, which offers multiple r outes to market and combines the flexibility of online shopping via various devices with mail or der and

technology y,, and

‘bricks and mortar ’ stores.

Going forward, DIY multiples and garden centres are expected to remain the dominant channels, with online sales continuing to grow. Garden centr es are expected to continue to differ entiate through their horticultural and gardening expertise, and sales of ancillary products,

experience’. However

multiples may seek a greater focus on customer experience in-stor e. Further consolidation across these sectors is also possible in the medium-term future.

Key growth areas

Our market forecasts assume moderate gr owth within the garden products

distribution sector of

around 2% per annum fr om 2018- 2022, though for ecasts will differ within specific garden product categories. Key areas of gr owth are likely to include gar den decoration, aggr egates, pots and containers and artificial grass, while the market for garden buildings is also likely to grow, ww, , with some up-trading to all-year r ound usable spaces. In the

ound usable spaces. In the equipment sector w,,

uipment sector, multi-functionalr,, multi-function tools, as well as cor dless and robotic power tools, are likely to grow given the added convenience – something that will help to sustain market value in the overall gar den products market. Whilst

our gar forecasts for garden products distribution sector oducts distribution sector t he

are positive, housebuilding supply issues, a lack of land availability and smaller gardens in newbuild housing cou ld constrain growth into the longer-term future, though the sector should benefit from householders’ continued interest in home and garden improvement, and sustained or growing house moving levels.


UK Domestic Garden Products Distribution Market 2014-2020 by V

14-2020 by Value Va 5,500 5,000

cr eating a ‘destination ’. However

r,, the DIY

4,500 4,000

3,500 2014

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Est

0 Fcst Fsct Fcst

7 8

2 3 4 5 6

0 1

CREOSEALPLUS helps to protect the wood against the detrimental effects of the weather and has a colour which lasts and lasts.

CREOSEAL'S FENCE CARE covers most fencing in one coat and is available in four colours, with a high resistance to fading.

27 APRIL 2018 DIY WEEK 15

Value -£m RSP Va

% Change

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