YALE UK has announced further integration with Samsung SmartThings for its smart door lock range. The latest addition to the Yale connectivity portfolio with Samsung SmartThings is the Conexis L1. Smart door locks allow homeowners to configure, control and unlock their door all from a smartphone, via the Bluetooth low energy App. What’s more, the smart door lock range serves all UK PVCU and timber doors. Yale’s range of connected smart door locks, which includes the Keyless Connected Smart Lock, has been compatible with Samsung SmartThings since 2015, providing users with the ability to unlock their door from anywhere at any time, whilst keeping track of who’s coming and going. 

COO-VAR has introduced anti- slip acrylic floor paint to its floor paint range. Coo-Var MD Richard Burnham says of the launch: “Increasing demand for low odour, low-solvent coatings in local authorities from independent merchants and other decorators’ merchants meant it was clear that there is a need for a water-based acrylic version of an anti-flip floor paint on their shelves.’’ The paint is designed to provide a water-based durable hard-wearing anti-slip surface for use on walkways, in warehouses, garages and residential or commercial property. The fast- drying, low-odour paint is available in seven colours and in sizes 2.5 litres and 5 litres.  01482 328053 


Primer is a ready-to- use acrylic primer

suitable for use on wall and floor surfaces prior to the application of ceramic, porcelain,

mosaic or natural stone tiles. Before tiling with a cement- based tile adhesive, a number of backgrounds require priming. While there are numerous general purpose PVA primers on the market, they are not suitable for use with cement-based tile adhesives. This is why Dunlop is launching Tilers Primer, providing DIYer and tradespeople with a specially-formulated acrylic primer that is absorbed into the background, creating a strong and stable surface for tiling and significantly reducing the risk of failure. Dunlop Tilers Primer will come in 1kg bottles and undiluted covers approximately 10sq m.  01782 591160 

The ONE GTX from SOLID GEAR is a superbly-constructed safety shoe with seven integrated layers to deliver excellent comfort and protection, says the company. It is designed and built for active professionals who need a highly- breathable, light and flexible safety shoe. With a GORE-TEX SURROUND membrane, the shoes are fully breathable and ideal for warmer weather and combined indoor/outdoor activities. The ONE GTX also comes with Solid Gear’s newly developed NANO Toe-Cap. It’s 40% stronger than fiberglass, lighter than other materials and thinner than other non-metallic toe-caps.  01484 854788 



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12 DIY WEEK 27 APRIL 2018

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