this, with 92% of people saying that gardening gave them space to think and clear their mind. I defy anyone not to feel relaxed and let the cares of the day slide away in a garden.”

head of marketing Nicola Simpson agrees, and thinks the proven benefits of being outdoors has both physical and psychological elements to them, she says: “The benefits include the physical component, with many gardening activities proving to be a good form of exercise, as well as giving ourselves a break from screens and technology (a constant battle that is widely identified by parents of young children). There are also psychological and physical benefits to being outdoors: fresh air, vitamin D from the sun, the satisfaction of nurturing something and the opportunity to grow your own organic produce;

“We need to demystify gardening for this generation and support the less confident gardener.”

Wyevale Garden Centres buyer Duncan Mclean

also, of course, to simply enjoying a closer link to nature.”

Nicola continues: “The methodical approach that is required for most gardening activity helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which itself decreases the risk and effects of health problems such as heart disease and depression, as well as helping to promote good night’s sleep.”

Gardener breeds

So, with consumers seeking out as many different avenues to create that feeling of zen within their homes and within themselves, whether it be opting for a minimalist decorating approach with many different varieties of houseplants, taking the time to grow their own vegetables and herbs, or just spending more time planting in the garden – retailers must appeal to the many different breeds of British gardeners, which Wyevale Garden Centres has identified in its trend report as:

The Late Bloomers – gardeners in their 30s and 40s, who as they have grown older, have become increasingly keen to garden, but see it as complicated and confusing and are lacking confidence. The Millennial Gardener – this

trend-led, demanding crowd has discovered gardening via

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