10 minutes with… Your new Housewares team! Bryony Andrews, editor, Housewares

Tea or coffee? Tea - can’t start my day without it!

What three housewares items do you consider non-negotiable? Teapot, high- powered blender, and a really good knife.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Taking the plunge and going freelance - for a better work-life balance and to take control of my career.

What were your previous roles, and how did they prepare you for this one? I’ve worked in trade media for my whole career, and edited or written for a number of publications in the British independent retail and wholesale sector. I’ve managed international teams and juggled multiple mags, so I’m used to a fast pace and I’m very organised!

Who do you find inspirational and why? I’m always humbled by people who don’t compromise and who speak up for their beliefs even when it’s difficult, dangerous or just plain awkward - people like Billie Jean King, Rosa Parks, Greta Thunberg, Jameela Jamil.

Football, reading, gardening, golfing… what keeps you busy at the weekend? Taking the dog for long walks (preferably with a pub en route), reading and cooking up big veggie meals.

What are you most excited about in your new role? Getting stuck into a new industry and understanding its specific pressures and priorities. Monitoring trends across housewares and watching them develop - I’m particularly interested in eco-friendly products and solutions.

What three housewares items do you consider non-negotiable? Sharp knives, nice cutlery and decent saucepans.

What were your previous roles, and how did they prepare you for this one? I have worked in advertising for over 24 years across various market sectors so I am hoping to use my experience there to build good relationships with advertisers here and with their help, making sure Housewares continues to be the go-to trade magazine in the market.

Football, reading, gardening, golfing… what keeps you busy at the weekend? Being dragged across fields by my dog on the auspices of ‘going for a walk’, working on taming our back garden - mostly outside activities when the weather allows.

Who’s your favourite celebrity chef? Keith Floyd - I know that’s a blast from the past but I love his bon viveur attitude to cooking and noticing how cooking equipment has evolved and changed since then.

What are you most excited about in your new role? Building good relationships in a marketplace which is new for me is definitely something I am excited about. The trade has been incredibly welcoming so I am keen to continue to talk to more people and finally meet at the shows in 2022.

Get in touch! If you have any suggestions or enquiries about Housewares magazine moving forward, please do get in touch. Bryony Alex u 01622 699106

Dunelm launches TV ad celebrating self-expression in the home

Homewares retailer Dunelm revealed its Autumn advertising campaign on Friday, 15 October with a 60 second TV ad. ‘Dun Your Way’, aims to empower Dunelm’s

customers to defy expectation when it comes to creating and styling a home. The ad opens in a dystopian, washed-out street of sameness. The monotony is punctured by one defiant and confident Dunelm customer who arrives home

with their new haul of purchases, setting off a chain reaction with neighbours who are inspired to start their own transformations. David Murdin, who led development of the campaign for Dunelm, said: “The launch of ‘Dun Your Way’ gives us an ownable brand and communications platform as well as a lively, bold tone of voice, which we hope will empower our customers to create a home which brings them joy, done their way and no one else’s.”

BHETA recruits Rajni Kaur to its member services team

The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) has appointed Rajni Kaur as part of its members services team. Rajni will be focussing on member relationships and recruitment, alongside a similar role working on the Exclusively Housewares exhibition. Brought up in Birmingham, Rajni previously worked in the travel industry.

Commenting on her new role, Rajni said: “I’m delighted to be joining the

BHETA team at such an exciting time. Home and garden has seen a step change in consumer interest and sales over the last eighteen months and this is reflected in the demand for BHETA support. Industry suppliers are expanding their businesses exponentially as well as dealing with the current logistical challenges, so BHETA is a really important resource for members and it’s great to be part of delivering that support.”

Alex Oliver, advertising executive, Housewares Tea or coffee? Coffee, always.

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