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Food Solutions Klean Food Solutions come in a variety of sizes and styles, designed to be used as lunch boxes, bento boxes, and to-go containers for meals, soup or any hot or cold food. With stainless steel construction and revolutionary lid designs, all of Klean’s Food Solutions are leak-proof, durable and dishwasher safe. Available in the UK from Whitby & Co.

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Keter’s Darwin T&G Glass Storage

Explore our unique glassware collection combining elegant designs with attractive features forming the perfect collection of storageware for any kitchen or home.

Glass is a fully recyclable material which can save

precious natural resources and reduce climate change. T&G’s collection of glass storage jars makes a welcome addition to a pantry, kitchen cupboard or shelf. As we all try to reduce our plastic use, these stylish yet practical pieces with sealed lids are perfect for keeping dried fruit, flour, grains and pulses fresh.

Refill, reuse, recycle!

Give consumers a choice and healthy lifestyle offer with this sustainable option, just the perfect gifts for those that like to be healthy and organised!

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Shed range As its name suggests, Darwin offers an evolution in Sheds, combining a traditional look and feel with durable and maintenance- free garden storage. The new 8x6 ft Darwin follows the highly popular 6x4 ft version to offer an option for homeowners who need a larger outdoor storage solution, and one they can rely on year-after-year to create amazing spaces.

Typhoon Living Grey Cake

Tins The Typhoon Living Grey Cake Tins come in a set of two, providing plenty of space to store goodies and keep your worktop neatly organised. With a detailed ‘Baked Goods’ badge on the front, this set is made from carbon steel, making it lightweight and highly durable.

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October 2021 •

Kilner Snack and

Store Pots The Kilner Set of 2 Snack and Store Pots is ideal for storing and transporting various foods for lunches and snacks on the go. A great alternative to plastic, these pots come with an easy, push-on silicone lid that is watertight, leak-proof and stackable, making them perfect for space saving.

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