f you are an employer of fire damper inspectors and thinking of having them trained then NAADUK urges you ask the following questions:- Of training centres:

• Are they approved by an independent auditor? • What teaching qualifications do their instructors hold? • What technical qualifications do their instructors hold? • How many years have they operated? • Do they instruct and assess to NOS Standards?

teaching qualifications or independent approval. “Fire dampers are a life-saving device. Their

inspection is of the utmost importance so the concentration should be on quality and competence.” NAADUK trained and approved fire damper

inspectors who have passed through the AEME Fire Damper course, constantly carry out inspections across the entire UK, to the highest available level.

Of inspectors:

• Were they trained by an independent approved organisation? • Will they work and be audited by an independent auditor to NOS standards? • Check the above if they hold a CITB pass, was the (teaching content approved) CITB always does this and doesn’t attach to other minor courses? • What teaching content is approved and by whom? • Who does the tech approval to NOS?

NAADUK’s member companies, such as

Overclean, AEME and Paddeco have worked with CITB to improve this course and on 1 August the new CITB two-day course will be run from AEME – the NAADUK approved training centre. The course will imminently also receive the NOS

standard in Fire Damper Inspection and Installation, a standard NAADUK has been working on for over

Blocked - a dirty fire damper link

two years which will be audited by competent and compliant independent officials. “It is this level of training that will give NAADUK

independent member clients the satisfaction and trust that all work carried out is to the highest standard. “We always have and always will put quality and

safety of the work carried out as our main priority,” Mr Reid stressed.

Fire damper - link cable tied


• NAADUK has grown significantly over the past four years, bringing in technical expertise in order to pre-emptively deal with many of the industry’s critical problems. The group works closely with many of the UK’s environmental offices and has carried out a number of investigations on their behalf. • In 2018 the NAADUK approved training centre, AEME, became authorised by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and in 2019 it was first to include a section on installation into its fire damper course.

• Throughout the pandemic, NAADUK members have been issued with advice on the spread of airborne viruses and the use of masks and the guidance is followed by many including the Institute for Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) which forwards it to over 67 different countries. • This year NAADUK along with independent auditors Paddeco and AEME launched the SCQF Level 5 Ventilation Hygiene Certificate.

August 2021


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