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Mitsubishi Electric has provided Edinburgh’s Haymarket Hub hotel with a City Multi Hybrid VRF air conditioning system to deliver energy efficient, controllable comfort.

Two-piped air conditioning technology was installed, which uses water to transfer heating and cooling around the 195-bedroom facility. Eight dedicated outdoor condensing units deliver energy harvested from the outdoor air to special Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) boxes strategically placed in laundry cupboards throughout the building. From these control boxes, plastic water piping runs within the ceiling void to every hotel room. Each room has its own indoor fan coil unit to provide the individual temperature required. This use of water also means the hotel does not have to fit expensive leak detection equipment to comply with the BS EN378 safety and environmental standard. A centralised control system enables the hotel staff to monitor individual rooms, while allowing guests to have complete control of their own system. The design also minimises noise.


NIBE Energy Systems has launched a selection solar PV panels to power its heat pumps and expanded its range of smart home accessories to maximise indoor comfort and climate control.

The NIBE PV package is comprised of monocrystalline silicone cell panels using PERC technology for maximum efficiency, available in two sizes with an elegant all-black design. Each base package consists of 10 panels with a nominal power of 3.6 kW, mounting parts and a suitable inverter with a communication module, all of which are ready for installation. The new range of myUplink wireless smart home accessories compliments the NIBE S-Series heat pumps, providing more comfortable, precise room-by-room or ‘zone-by-zone’ climate control. Each accessory is a small unit which can easily be mounted on the wall and connected to an S-Series heat pump, automatically adjusting the temperature, humidity and CO2. Included in the range is the myUplink RPP 10 UK Repeater Plug, the THS 10 Temperature Humidity Sensor, the RPP CDS 10 Carbon Dioxide Sensor, the ROT 10 Room Thermostat, and the NIBE RMU S40 Room Unit.


Mikrofill has installed two Extreme boilers at Lord Wandsworth College on the North Hampshire/Surrey border.

The decision was made to update the health and capability of the present hot water system serving both Summerfield and Hazelveare boarding houses. The existing calorifiers located in a basement plantroom were replaced by two Extreme 500 litre loading cylinders c/w an on-board anti legionella function.

Skilfully installed by long-standing contractor, Industrial (Boiler & Contract) Services, the Extreme’s serve in excess of 55 showers and can collectively deliver 2.82 l/s at 60°C in a 10-minute period. The stainless steel unvented loading cylinders are capable of maximising condensing plant efficiency by operating at Delta t 30°C (80/50°C).

The Extreme is also available in 200 and 300 litre versions all with the ability of operating at 6 bar on an unvented system.


An ultra-low noise CIAT chiller operating on lower GWP R-32 refrigerant has been installed at Craigavon Area Hospital in Northern Ireland. The use of R-32 in CIAT’s new high-performance AQUACIATPOWER


2000R reduces the chiller’s environmental impact by two-thirds. The ultra-low noise unit was equipped with the additional acoustic insulation around the compressors to minimise disturbance for the hospital. The new chiller is more compact, lightweight and energy-efficient than the previous model due to design improvements. Flow and return pipework connections were easily modified to fit the new system. The chiller’s delivery date was critical to the project and Aircon Sales met the tight timetable. The unit was lifted into position on a rooftop platform with a giant long-reach 300-tonne crane.

AQUACIATPOWER packaged chillers are based on quiet-running scroll compressors, fully optimised for use with R-32. With a compact footprint, they suit sites with limited floor or roof-top space. They feature two refrigerant circuits, powered by eight compressors.


Engineering innovators of the future will be studying in comfort and style at the University of Birmingham’s brand new £46.5m School of Engineering building, thanks to Waterloo’s innovative air distribution products.

Thermally Actuated and Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers, Louvre Faced Diffusers and Airline and Eggcrate Grilles were used extensively throughout the building. These products were selected for their ability to meet the challenges of heating and cooling a double-height atrium and provide precise colour matching to the building design.

Waterloo answered the challenge of heating and cooling the impressive double-height atrium by installing Thermally Actuated Swirl Diffusers (SDACH) at high level (up to 20m). These variable swirl diffusers automatically sense the temperature of the air supply and adjust the blade angle accordingly without the need for a power supply. This constant adjustment works for both vertical and horizontal throw and ensures excellent induction and best comfort in the occupied zone. Optimum comfort conditions were achieved for all the office, study and workshop areas by using Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers (SDFC). These attractive and aerodynamic ceiling or duct-mounted diffusers were ideally suited to the high heating and cooling differentials of the building’s range of occupied spaces. Used throughout the project in both ceiling

and sidewall applications were Louvre Faced Diffusers (DF41), Eggcrate Grilles (GC5) and Airline Linear Grilles (ALG) which are available in the wide range of special options and finishes that made them so well-suited to this project.

32 August 2021


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