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WATERLOO – A NEW DISPLACEMENT RANGE Waterloo has strengthened its product offering by

replacing its displacement range with the full portfolio of Swegon displacement products.

This means the supplier of air terminal devices can deliver the widest range of room unit products in the UK market. The new range is made to effectively discharge air at low velocity to ensure good comfort in rooms. In large spaces such as airports, theatres, factory floors, open offices and supermarkets, where a traditional mixed system can fall short, using a displacement system can have significant advantages on indoor air quality and efficiency.

Rooms with high ceilings can benefit from substantial energy savings by installing the displacement terminals with Varizon, as only the occupied zone needs to be cooled from the low level of displacement installation. Added to the lower pressure drop associated with

displacement ventilation terminals, selection of smaller and slower fans is possible for a reduction in fan energy. The supply air temperature is higher for displacement systems (circa 18°C) than for an overhead mixing system (circa 14°C), meaning there is greater access to free cooling throughout the year, thus improving chiller efficiency. In general, the higher the space, the greater the payback, as consideration for cooling the whole space is not required. Another benefit of displacement is increased hygiene. New air is directed straight into the occupied zone, and old air rises to be extracted through the ceiling, meaning increased ventilation effectiveness. Air is effectively supplied at low velocity and airborne pollutants which are lighter than air rise above the breathing zone. Waterloo has introduced 11 models, the majority of which are complete with Swegon’s Varizon system.


Vent-Axia is helping to make sustainable attainable for its customers by taking action to reduce its environmental impacte. These actions have resulted in significant improvements to help the company meet its environmental goals including eliminating plastic blister packs and single use poly bags from its supply chain; recycling 180 tonnes of cardboard; using recycled materials from 63,000 old fridges and designing efficiency and modularity into its products to lower energy usage and reduce landfill waste.

As a strategy to reduce its environmental impact, the company has introduced its ‘3 pillars of sustainability’: • Plastic – reduce and recycle

• Environmental - initiatives to reduce impact on the environment • Energy efficient products - that reduce energy use. By focusing on these key areas, the company says it has bought about real measurable change and is the next stage in Vent-Axia’s environmental journey.


LG has launched a wall-mounted hydro kit for the production of hot water in domestic and small commercial/retail/office type settings. The hydro kit is an indoor unit that can connect to LG Multi V VRF Systems – Multi V 5 and Multi V M, Multi VS and the R32 Multi VS Compact units. It utilises wasted heat from cooling and transfers this to the hydro kit for the production of hot water. It comes with a water flow temperature for heating of a maximum of 50°C and cooling temperature of a minimum of 5°C. The hydro kit unit comes in sizes from 5.5kW up to 9.0kW and is compatible with low GWP R32 refrigerant, incorporating integrated water side components to reduce installation time and cost and offers space saving benefits and easy maintenance.

The kit can be used with the heating priority function that provides initial cost saving and user convenience. Also, domestic hot water is always available, even during the cooling season without manual mode changes.

LG’s ThinQ app offers remote access to the system.


Midea has launched its new high specification Vertu Plus wall mounted series with exceptional energy efficiencies across the range.

Designed to enhance user experience the V-shaped Vertu Plus includes many features to improve comfort. By keeping the remote control close the ‘Follow Me’ sensitive cooling feature can measure the temperature around the user and adjusts comfort levels accordingly.

It has been launched to the UK & Ireland market alongside the new BreezeleSS+ RoundFlow cassette. With 360˚ airflow, the BreezeleSS+ cassette uses the same technology to soften the airflow as the BreezeleSS+ wall mounted series.

In addition to these two new products, the complete RAC & LCAC range of split systems has also been updated and improved for Q3/2021. The two products and Midea’s full split systems range are available now with up to 10-year warranty.


National Ventilation designed and supplied ventilation for the Middlezoy Rovers FC clubhouse. The Somerset-based project used a mixture

of three fans, which were installed by M-Tech (sw) Ltd: Monsoon Zone 1 Silent fans, Monsoon ILF inline centrifugal fans, and Monsoon ACF acoustic inline fan to provide effective ventilation in the function room, WCs, the kitchen, club room and changing rooms. National Ventilation’s free design service includes unit calculations, a full kit list as well as recommended duct routes. Using project drawings, National Ventilation’s team uses their specialist knowledge of the equipment coupled with software programmes to specify the correctly sized ventilation unit and the correct type and lengths of ducting – whilst ensuring it meets Building Regulations. National Ventilation’s project managers will then carry out a free pre-order site visit to ensure the design will perform as intended. This visit avoids any issues and is a great trouble shooting exercise. DOWNLOAD THE HVR APP NOW August 2021 31

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