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Viega’s Megapress Profipress piping systems have been used on the refurbishment of the Bertrand Russell Tower at the University of Essex’s Colchester campus.

The press connections were selected to provide a quick, clean, reliable and durable heating and water supply solution on the first of a series of planned refurbishments for the university’s student accommodation. Thick-walled steel tube was specified for the new heating pipework in the tower to help ensure a longer life for the system. Contractor F.G Fennell planned to use a press connection system for the domestic hot, cold and potable water pipework. For the thick-walled heating pipework, the intention was to use a combination of threaded and welded tube. Megapress allows thick-walled steel tube, with diameters between 3/8 inch and 4 inches, to be cold press connected. When compared with alternatives Megapress provides between a 60% and 80% time saving, depending on the tube diameter. The full range of sizes were required for the refurbishment of the Bertrand Russell Tower.


Spear & Jackson has launched a magnetic domestic heating system filter, the BoilerMagXC. The BoilerMagXC’s patented dual flow technology means system water is exposed to the magnetic core twice on a single pass, allowing for the length of the extraction chamber to be minimised whilst retaining extremely high levels of iron oxide extraction. Featuring simple in-line installation, the BoilerMagXC comes complete with high-quality isolation valves.

National sales manager for BoilerMag, Craig Worth, said: “It’s the ideal filter for those looking for protection in restricted spaces at an attractive price. We identified a gap in our range by listening to our customers and installers and the response to date has been overwhelming.’ The filter can be fitted on either vertical or horizontal pipework. It features a non-block magnetic circuit and satisfies a requirement of BS7593:2019. Servicing can be done in a minutes, by removing the core cover and rinsing. BoilermagXC extends the established BoilerMag system treatment range further, offering more choice for domestic installations.


A ventilation solution from Gilberts of Blackpool is helping the hit The ITV television show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here break new ground, with the opening of “the ultimate jungle encounter” indoor entertainment attraction.

Kimpton Energy Solutions, which was charged with designing and installing the mechanical building services, brought in Gilberts to deliver the ventilation system. The solution was a GSF omni-directional swirl diffuser with coanda plates to induct high volumes of air into the areas without draughts nor cold ‘dumping’. Gilberts’ GSXE exposed circular perforated diffusers provided extraction. Jason Laugharne, Gilberts sales manager said: “The aim was to ensure adequate supply and extract of air for potentially large numbers of people, who have been active and therefore generating higher levels of heat and moisture. However, we had to address low ceiling heights, which reduced interior capacity for sufficient entrainment of air.


Humidity control specialist, Condair, has appointed two new directors to its senior management team. Dave Marshall-George, formerly UK & IE sales manager, has been promoted to sales director, and Tony Tullett, formerly service manager, has been promoted to service director. Welcoming the two, Tony Fleming, director / head of sales cluster Northern Europe, commented: “They have been with the company for many years and are hugely experienced in developing the organisation and managing our sales and service teams.”

Mr Marshall-George said: “I am delighted to join the senior management team. This is such an exciting and important time to be working in humidity control, with the recent recognition of the role HVAC plays in maintaining the health of society.”

Mr Tullett commented: “I am eager to expand Condair’s service offering even more with products such as rapid response agreements and recommended service consumable packs.”


BAPI’s Blü-Test is a suite of handheld testing probes that interface via Bluetooth LE to the user’s enabled Android or iOS smart device through the Blü-Test app. (Fig 1) Each Blü-Test probe takes readings and stores the data in its internal memory. You can download the data to your smart device through the app. The data points can be logged, graphed or emailed.

BAPI has a wide range of humidity sensors (Fig 2), all calibrated at 10 points from 10 to 90% RH, eliminating the need for field calibration. We provide a calibration certificate for all of your humidity products at no extra cost. BAPI also manufactures a range of temperature sensors for water pipes and has a wide range of sensors available from PT100 to 100K. (Fig 3).



Armacell is extending its range of passive fire protection products for the commercial HVAC market. With its new ArmaProtect range, reliable fire penetration seals for pipes and cables can be created quickly and easily. Whether rigid floors, flexible walls, plastic or metal pipes with or without insulation, or non-insulated composite pipes, ArmaProtect offers specifiers and installers solutions for sealing off almost all types of building service pipes. Offering intumescent fire protection wraps, pipe collars, ablative-coated mineral fibre boards, sealants and mortars, this new ArmaProtect range is an ideal addition to ArmaFlex® Protect, Armacell’s fire protection solution for walls that combines high fire resistance with condensation control and thermal insulation. Tom Merton, Armacell UK’s technical specialist explained: “Pipes, ducts and electrical cables penetrate fire compartments and form a path along which flames and smoke can spread. With our new ArmaProtect passive fire protection range, pipes and cables in fire walls and floors can be sealed off reliably and quickly.” August 2021 33

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