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underwent external training to become the company’s first mental health first aiders. Our transport department strives to further

improve our delivery service and ensure goods are transported safely whilst the business remains ecologically focused. Every driver undertakes a rigorous induction routine and partakes in regular training which includes health and safety, along with regular CPC courses. It isn’t just SBS that believe its process is comprehensive, the fleet recognition scheme FORS agrees, awarding Smith Brothers Bronze membership in 2013 before upgrading the award to Silver in 2017. SBS’ transport department is now laying the foundations to work towards achieving Gold status. A major focus of the business is to align with the

of the group, meaning our suppliers work with every Smith Brothers branch. The business significantly increased its stockholding at the start of 2020 due to the uncertainly gathering around Brexit and the then emerging COVID-19 pandemic. These increased stock levels are still being maintained today. In an industry where standing still very often leads

to moving backwards, it is imperative to remain pro-active, especially during these unprecedented times. It is this pro-active approach that ensured the speedy implementation of effective social distancing measures across the business as well as offering contactless deliveries to any site, ensuring both staff and customers are kept safe at all times. By taking swift action, Smith Brothers was able to remain operational during the first lockdown in March 2020, providing a service to contractors working on essential projects such as the Wigan and Exeter Nightingale hospitals. Smith Brothers’ efforts were widely recognised as The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) featured SBS in their Public-Private Partnerships report as commissioned by the Government. The report explored how businesses have adapted and the overall lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel it is essential the business has the

knowledge and capability to support consumers on our products to help facilitate projects prior to and post installation. That is why our customers have access to technical product managers who can offer specialist support, such as onsite or office-based training on a select range of products. In addition, all sales managers can facilitate customer training (both on and off site), take-offs and meet specific project

Government’s aim of reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Smith Brothers has acted by beginning to transition away from petrol/diesel to hybrid and fully electric cars, which will significantly decrease the company’s carbon emissions. To date, the business has taken delivery of 30 all electric vehicles including 27 Model 3 Tesla, with more to follow. Charging points are being installed across the branch network to accommodate the increase of electric cars, in this short time they have already provided over 25,000 kWh. Our investment strategy allows for sustainable

growth through the continued development of our people and product range, with the ongoing support of our suppliers and shareholders. In addition to the opening of SBS Glasgow, last year’s investment also saw the successful relocation of SBS Southampton in December, whose customers now benefit from a larger and more modern premises with an increased operational output. 2021 has seen the business expand even further as SBS Sheffield opened in July with additional branches in Cambridge and High Wycombe also due to open this year. To further support our continued expansion,

requirements such as timed delivery slots. Smith Brothers believes our staff are paramount

to the business’s continued growth and success which is why earlier this year we introduced the SBS Academy. A Learning Management System (LMS) designed to aid staff members with their personal development and help to enhance their overall knowledge of the business, its systems and product range. Staff contribution and achievements are often celebrated with internal awards, with additional training and career progression opportunities regularly available. General staff wellbeing is a top priority which is why in 2020, four SBS staff members

Smith Brothers recently launched phase one of its exclusive online customer portal www.sbsonline. net – an additional service designed to provide an easier business experience for customers than ever before. This platform allows customers to login to their account and access information 24/7. This information is currently obtained via email and post, so this development helps the existing customer base view, download and print information when it is most convenient. The development roadmap has an end goal of customers being able to fully utilise their account online if this is their preference. Therefore, account management through to ordering can be achieved at all hours of the day, every single day. We believe our continued product area growth, stock investment ever-increasing operational capacity, along with the knowledge and dedication of our staff not only enables us to continue down our path of sustainable growth, but also sets us apart from our competitors.


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