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Vendmanager works for SV24-7

Amid ongoing expansion, specialist in vending and office coffee solutions in Scotland, SV24-7 is using Vendmanager from SBS to increase efficiency and improve customer service still further. The leadership team at SV24-7, directors

Fiona and Ian Chambers saw an opportunity with Vendmanager to put in place effective systems for now and into the future. Director Fiona Chambers explains: “We are enjoying rapid growth, winning new business almost every week thanks largely to our hard- earned reputation for customer service.

Fiona Chambers

We are passionate that our clients deserve the best, and we set standards to exceed their expectations. But delivering on that promise doesn’t just happen on its own. It relies on all our people working hard day-in day-out, with full confidence in the data that underpins our systems. “Vendmanager means not only can our people do more, it also helps us to do things better. It goes beyond visibility alone. Not only can we now see clearly exactly

what’s going on, with Vendmanager we have the tools on hand to do the next right thing promptly, efficiently and effectively and then monitor how things progress.” “SBS was always nearby or on call to help, led on-site in Alloa by their technical manager Phil McGhee. Nothing we asked for was ever too much trouble. But it was the full engagement from our own team that ensured success. Now, we own this system,” Fiona concluded.

Sustainable paper straws

Straws are used by millions of people every day when enjoying drinks on-the-go and now Huhtamaki is offering customers the opportunity to switch to paper straws for cold drinks. The new straws are made of fibre from sustainably managed forests and 100% of the paper used in the straws and in their wrapping is PEFC certified. The straws are manufactured in facilities with high safety standards and have been tested and certified for food safety in Europe, China and the United States. Huhtamaki global category director Neal McCone, said: "Our paper

straws are crafted to be strong, reliable and functional. We have invested in new, purpose-built machinery to deliver premium product quality. We are confident that we can offer paper straws that are durable and superior in performance compared to the current market offering. Our straws are also odour and taint free.” "In addition to new machines we have also invested into new manufacturing setups for paper straws. We look forward to the opportunity to offer a sustainable choice, grow the market and be the leading supplier. With our initial output we are serving McDonald's in the UK and across Europe as one of their main suppliers.”

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