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OCS and payment systems are key at Eu’Vend

The international vending and coffee trade fair, Eu'Vend & coffeena, comes to Cologne from May 9 to 11, focusing on solutions, trends and products for the industry. Trends include to-go concepts and 24/7 solutions, unattended

retail while visiting companies will also be presenting new solutions and fields of application for Office Coffee Services (OCS). A special focus of Eu'Vend & coffeena 2019 lies on the theme OCS which has been growing in strength as a market for some time. Growth has been driven by changing working environments, increasingly more flexible working hours and the flowing transition between private and working lives.

payment present new opportunities as machines becomes more efficient and more viable for the operators because change no longer has to be paid out. At the same time banknote and coin inventory becomes a thing of the past and the risk of vandalism and theft is reduced, because there is no cash inside the vending machines. André Meier, head of sales at Sielaff GmbH & Co. KG. said: "The

increased implementation of the connectivity leads to the operator being able to access his devices more easily. This enables him to react fast to the current market situation, i.e. through the flexible adaption of sales prices," which Sielaff considers to be a further advantage for vending machine operators. John Kolthof, executive director of CCV Easy, a brand of the

international CCV Group B.V., said: "We see great potential for all types of vending machines that have to be equipped with an electronic payment solution which are able to execute all types of payments. Current surveys show that the consumers will spend much more if they are not limited down to the coins in their pockets." Highlights to look out for at At euvend & coffeena 2019 include

"Hi!", the new cashless reader by EVOCA Germany GmbH and the app "Breasy". Oliver Garn, executive director EVOCA Germany GmbH, explained the advantages of the new system: "Simple and fast payment is a must nowadays. Hi!, the new cashless reader, which contains the Bluetooth and IrDA technology, unites flexibility and maximum security. The key laser has a new security level, which offers increased protection against hacking. Furthermore, the proximity reader disposes of the Mifare DESFire technology for cards in order to offer higher security.” In addition, collaborative methods of working together place

different demands on office design. Whether they be creative project rooms, open areas for communication, or classic lobby areas, the fields of application of the Office Coffee Service are manifold and have a positive impact on the image of an employer. A number of the exhibiting companies are pushing the potential

of OCS. The CEO and country manager for Austria and the Netherlands at

EVOCA Germany GmbH, Oliver Garn, considers the OCS market to be one of the strongest growing markets in Germany. He said: "OCS is already an important theme for EVOCA because a good cup of coffee always contributes to the positive mood of the employees and customers." The trend and potential of cashless payment will also be a major highlight at the trade show. Changing attitudes towards cashless

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