The SandenVendo stand at VENDEX Midlands 2019 will be introducing the company’s latest developments

G-Snack XL is the largest capacity Snack machine in the SandenVendo

range, having 6 + 6 selection double tray to provide easy and safe product loading. This versatile vending machine dispenses a vast assortment of products, like a non-stop mini convenience store.

G-Snack Evolution is a unique product, with its ergonomic design. This user-friendly machine was developed by first thoroughly considering the well-being of end users. With its large and well-illuminated motorized delivery box, the products are gently handled and swiftly delivered at a central ergonomic height, so that customers do not need to bend down to collect their products.

Also on display is the G-Drink TOUCH model with a 7 inch display, which provides a more involving user interface for consumers.

Lastly, Caffè UNO establishes SandenVendo as a real coffee machine manufacturer with its unique, newly patented features. This state-of-the- art bean to cup coffee machine makes the coffee ritual a very special experience. The optional 10” touch screen provides a simple user interface, capable of displaying product information and images.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand!

The Lyons Share: Signature Freeze Dried Coffee is now available through ARN

Lyons Instant Coffee has launched its Signature Freeze Dried Coffee into the Vending and OCS markets. Lyons are partnering with vending’s leading wholesaler, Automatic Retailing Northern, (ARN), to supply the growing number of vending operators nationwide that are already using the product and to make it easier for new customers to share in the spoils of the Signature taste revolution.

Signature Freeze Dried Coffee, offered in standard 300g soft pouches, is available with a special introductory offer during March and April in the run up to the brand’s debut at Vendex. Visitors to the show, at the Motor Cycle Museum on 9th April, are invited to sample the great taste of Signature Freeze Dried Coffee on the What Price Solutions stand, No 69, where it will be showcased through the award-winning Vitro S1 machine from Coffeetek

The Lyons Brand’s heritage goes way back to the 1894, when the first teashop bearing the Lyons name was opened. The first of the iconic Lyon’s Corner House outlets opened in 1909 and until 1977, they were synonymous with British elegance and quality

“When the Lyons Instant Coffee brand was re-launched in 2013, our first task was to re-establish it in today’s highly competitive market place”, Lyons Instant Coffee Director Jim Cain says. “Now, our aim is to move Signature Freeze Dried Coffee forward with a fresh, revitalised image and a complete range of new products designed to satisfy the demands of discerning consumers for top quality and great value.”

It’s a strategy that’s delivering: In October 2018, Lyons instant coffee was rated by Kantar Worldpanel as the fastest growing instant coffee brand in the UK.

“2018 was a fabulous year for us”, Jim says, “we really couldn’t have hoped for more… Our focus on delivering great quality at an affordable price, exemplified by Signature Freeze Dried Coffee, clearly resonates, with the Great British public and we’re confident that our plans for 2019 will deliver the next chapter in this amazing success story.”

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