Bevtek’s Nitro Cold Brew Dispenser is manufactured to provide a small footprint that allows flexibility in its mobility and ease of use. Having an inbuilt air compressor and pump, the machine produces the nitrogen using a small micro air filter and then infuses the coffee as it is dispensed. With an in-built fridge, it is capable of producing up to 50 litres of ice-cold product per hour depending on the size of the unit. A number of ready-to-drink options are also on the market, among them Nestle Professional’s Café Azera Nitro which was launched in March last year targeting the fast-growing chilled coffee segment. Robert Gormley, head of vending at Nestlé Professional said:

“With their lower sugar and calorie content, cold brew and nitro coffee drinks represent significant opportunities for health- conscious consumers. “Nescafe Azera Nitro, now available in Americano and Latte flavours, is one of our biggest evolutions and provides a real potential to raise the bar. Best served chilled, it is made from premium Nescafé Azera coffee infused with nitrogen for a smoother taste but with a pure and punchy hit of coffee to satisfy caffeine fans.

LEVY PANS OUT The new Soft Drinks Levy raised £153.8 million pounds between April and October last year according to the government’s Soft Drinks Industry Levy Statistics. The ‘sugar tax’ was levied on drinks containing a certain level

of added sugar with the standard rate (18p per litre) applying to drinks with sugar content between five grams and eight grams per 100ml while the higher rate (24p per litre) applied to drinks with sugar content equal to or greater than eight grams per 100ml. It was introduced in response to rising levels of obesity and

the UK joined several other countries with similar levies including Mexico, France and Norway. Meanwhile soft drinks manufacturers, among others Fanta, Ribena, Lucozade and Britvic, have responded to the clampdown on sugar content by introducing wide ranging low sugar or sugar free options. For vending, suppliers want to be able to help operators

THE FUTURE The demand for cold brew is growing at a rapid rate, more so than Nitro at the moment. However, the potential for Nitro is being seen as explosive, even though it is still in its early stages and is not widely known. “Without a doubt this is the most exciting thing in the coffee

market for almost 15 years,” Keith contends. “Youngsters are now drinking cold coffee, whereas they would typically not have consumed hot coffee. The taste profile of drinkers is changing, more people visit a coffee shop than ever before and with the health values that you get with cold brew coffee, such as no dairy, no sugar, no calories, vegan compliant, it’s a no brainer.”

cater for different needs and evolving consumer trends to help drive sales. Trystan Farnworth, commercial director for convenience and impulse at Britvic said: “A key trend which we don’t see slowing down anytime soon, is the rise of health-conscious consumers looking for alternatives to their favourite soft drinks. Following the introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, particularly in vending we have seen more people switching to low and no added sugar options.” “We have one of the strongest low and no sugar portfolios in the market due to our dedication to innovation in this area, which has been an important focus for us since 2010. We are proud that 99% of our owned brands are now below or exempt from the SDIL.” |


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