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NIVO names its suppliers of the Year

Fillbee makes the final

DS Smith Plastics’ Fillbee is a finalist at the World Food Innovation Awards in the Best Sustainable Packaging category. Fillbee, a ‘zero waste’ returnable beverage pack for four or six bottles, was designed to eliminate wrapping packaging for beverages, promote the reuse of bottles and improve the collection rate of cans. The retail-ready packaging encourages ease of reuse for consumers, as Fillbee is easy to stack, store, take home and return the bottles to the store. The sustainable durable material of the pack lasts for years and can be

fully recycled. The packaging is made of a single material, so the baskets and the labels can be recycled together without the need of sorting. Thanks to the protective packaging, refillable bottles can last up to 50 return trips. The environmental benefits of the returnable pack were recognised by the international jury which nominated Fillbee as a finalist in the category ‘Best Sustainable Packaging.’ The World Food Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and

celebrate excellence and innovation of concept across every category of the global food industry. This month the winners will be revealed at a special ceremony at the International Food & Drink Event (IFE) in London.

• Best Newcomer: Bevtek Highly commended: Redbull • Equipment Supplier: Evoca Group Highly commended: Coin Solutions • Snack/Confectionery/Drinks Supplier: Amia Food

Highly commended: Lavazza • Business Service Supplier: Tower Leasing Ltd Highly commended: Scobie McIntosh • Special Recognition Award Stephen Hendry – Walkers Snack Foods Among the winners was Tower Leasing in the Business Service Category. Kevin Reed of Tower

Leasing said: “This service recognition award is amazing, it’s been voted for by our customers and is a fantastic endorsement of our whole team's focus on ‘customer first’ service and premium support.Thank you NIVO for this award and a massive thanks to all the operators for their much valued business.”

Marco Beverage Systems Joins the Cold-Water Market

with New Hot, Cold and Sparkling Systems Marco Beverage Systems, a global leader in manufacturing hot water and coffee brewing systems, has announced the launch of FRIIA – their first venture into the cold and cold/sparkling water market. Developed to meet the increasing demand for fresh, healthy beverage

choice, particularly in corporate spaces, FRIIA can deliver hot/cold or hot/cold/sparkling water through a single, sleek font. The compact, modular undercounter system incorporates a water chiller and

award-winning water boiler. The undercounter chiller incorporates aluminium block technology to chill incoming water by an average of 10˚ and the boiler contains a vacuum insulated tank to ensure temperature accuracy and energy- efficiency. In fact, FRIIA is 23% more energy-efficient than leading competitors. In keeping with Marco’s established position as a leader in design, the FRIIA font has a sleek, brushed metal finish and premium LED feature. In response to the growing trend of clean, uncluttered counters, the font also has a minimal counter footprint. FRIIA is the latest development for Marco since the launch of the award- winning and much-acclaimed MIX range. An innovation in water boilers, MIX delivers hot water at three exact temperatures from a single font. Since launching in 2017 MIX has been a key driver of beverage excellence and has played a part in spreading an understanding of the importance of temperature accuracy in premium tea brewing. FRIIA is available in two sizes FRIIA and FRIIA PLUS and also comes in

Hot/Cold (HC) or Hot/Cold/Sparkling (HCS) variants. FRIIA will be launching with CC certification on March 8th 2019. For more information contact |


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