Market leading attenuation for JSP’s new range of Sonis® Ear Defenders ith a strong commitment to safety innovation,

Ultra Low NOX Stokvis Boilers

conoflame R6000 is the condensing ultra low NOx premix commercial boiler from Stokvis Energy Systems, the range includes seven models with outputs from 142 to 539 kW. Utilising the proven patented water cooled, down-firing, premix burner system coupled with all stainless steel heat exchanger assembly, R6000 boilers have a class leading NOx emission of between 15 and 35 mg/kWh with 0% 02 and can return seasonal efficiencies up to 110.4%. For easy installation the boilers are designed to pass through doors with widths from 670mm to 770mm, the floor space requirement being within the range 0.74m2 to 1.34m2.


Each model is equipped with two return connections as standard allowing high efficiency to be achieved when serving a mix of high and low system circuit temperatures. Another feature is the option to use the boiler in either standard flue or room sealed applications without modification.

Stokvis  020 8783 3050 


range of Sonis® Ear Defenders which peaks at an unbeaten SNR of 37. Developed in partnership with a leading research facility in the field of acoustic engineering, this new range meets the needs of an extensive range of industrial applications. This exceptional range of Sonis® Ear Defenders is Kitemarked and meets EN352- 1. The advantages of this range is that it offers a wide spread of attenuation with SNR values between 27 and 37 meaning that selecting the right model to match the wearers requirements is really straightforward. The Sonis® range has been stylishly designed with a traffic light colour code for easy identification and selection. The range moves from the green Sonis® 1 for low level noise to the yellow Sonis® 2 and the orange Sonis® Compact for substantial Industrial noise through to the market leading SNR of 37 for the red Sonis® 3 to protect against extreme industrial noise.

W JSP  01993 826050 

Fulton launches the most radical change to boiler design in nearly 70 years

ulton’s new SRT is claimed to be the most radical change to vertical steam boiler design since the company pioneered the vertical tubeless boiler in 1949! By adopting a systems-engineering approach to design and using its own ‘PURE’ technology,

F Fulton’s SRT challenges the

traditional heat transfer and mechanical design principles of vertical boilers. It also boasts industry-leading performance with a 93.5% Net thermal efficiency from a fully-water-backed design with no refractory. With 30+ worldwide patents pending, the spiral-rib tubeless design is a world first and creates a compact boiler with the industry’s smallest footprint (40% smaller that Fulton’s equivalent 30hp J Series). Using in-house modelling with CFD and finite element analysis, the

SRT’s ‘PURE Optimised’ architecture makes it durable and reliable, with up to 6:1 turndown through its fully-modulating burner.

 0117 972 3322

Stay safe with Martindale Toolbox Talks K JSP’s Research and Development team have designed a new

eep up to date with the most recent changes to Health & Safety Guidelines for safe electrical maintenance with the latest ToolBox

Talks on Safe Isolation from Martindale Electric at your workplace. With around 1,000 serious accidents in the workplace each year and 16% of all fatalities linked to electricity, it’s clear to see how following simple safe isolation procedures and using the correct equipment can keep your team safe and avoid heavy penalties of up to £10M for non compliance. Providing valuable expertise and advice, the ToolBox Talks from Martindale Electric cover the practical implications of recent changes to the standards and discuss what it takes to stay compliant with the latest HSE guidelines when installing and maintaining electrical plant and equipment.

Suitable for maintenance teams, installation engineers and those responsible for electrical safety.

Martindale Electric  01923 441717 

Martindale simplifies Phase Rotation Mesurement W

hen it comes to verifying the phase sequence, or rotation, of three phase circuits, Martindale Electric, leaders in voltage detectors and safe isolation, offers more than one solution, with its professional range of testers.

Getting the phase sequence wrong can have devastating consequences for plant and machinery with serious implications for machine safety. From motors running backwards through to cooling or lubricating systems underperforming, one wrong connection can lead to a major maintenance headache.

Providing enhanced user safety, the unique PSI4000 and PSI4300 non- contact phase sequence indicators from Martindale Electric can quickly and accurately identify three phase sequences for motor installations and other systems. Designed for use on both insulated and non-insulated conductors, the PSI4000 and PSI4300 from Martindale carry out measurements via inductive crocodile clips, which can be simply clipped on to speed up testing and reduce the risk of coming into contact with live parts.

Martindale Electric  01923 441717  

Tridonic’s CLE and QLE Modules

Offer Reliability Under Harsh Conditions T

ridonic’s modules for industrial applications offer the right LED light sources for diffused lighting in the form of its CLE G1 ADV IND and QLE G1 ADV IND modules. CLE and QLE are ideal for any application requiring robust luminaires that have to be energy efficient and durable such as warehouses, factories and multi-story car parks. The CLE and QLE modules offer a luminous flux of 26,000 lumen per module and three different colour temperatures of 4,000, 5,000 and 6,500 K make it easier to develop and manufacture LED high-bay luminaires for industrial applications. With industrial environments placing special requirements on lighting systems, long operating times and critical atmospheres impose heavy demands on any system, and maintenance is often associated with major effort and high costs. The luminaires are often difficult to access so production is disrupted and machinery has to stand idle.

Tridonic  01256 374300 


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