Portable Vibration

Calibration with Certificate Generation from PCB Piezotronics

announced The Modal Shop’s new 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator offering laboratory grade accuracy, allowing industrial plants to reduce perceived risk when under review for business interruption insurance. Capable of validating accelerometers,

P velocity sensors, proximity probes and 4-20mA loop

vibration sensors, the 9110D creates ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificates in Microsoft Excel®. A printed and filed certificate provides proof to insurance risk engineers that a plant is following recommended best practice standards for maintaining its condition monitoring system. The Modal Shop is a global calibration authority of over 20 years standing. Each portable vibration calibrator is backed by extensive application knowledge and a policy of total customer satisfaction.

PCB Piezotronics Ltd  01462 429710 

CB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors has


Roxtec cable seals to take centre stage at Data Centre World 2017

nnovative cable sealing solutions from Roxtec UK are to play a central role in the construction of a custom-built data centre, due to be unveiled at a major technology expo in London this month.

The Greater Manchester-based cable and pipe seal manufacturer is taking part in Data Centre World 2017 at ExCeL London on March 15 and 16, where its products will be used to help construct a working data centre in the middle of the exhibition centre.

Expected to be one of the trade show’s biggest draws, the Live Green Data Centre will provide an opportunity for visitors to see, touch and walk through a working data centre. Roxtec UK Managing Director Graham O’Hare said the live display would also allow people to learn more about the innovative technology that goes into building an effective, efficient and safe data centre.

First built in 2016, the display captured the imagination of visitors. This year’s version will be 155pc bigger and showcase 50pc more products.

Within data centre environments Roxtec seals can be used for single or multiple cables or pipes, in

outer walls, between compartmentalised security zones and in control cabinets. They’re adaptable to power, fibre, coax and signal cables, as well as cooling pipes of different sizes and materials. Removable layers within the sealing modules ensure a perfect fit, and they’re ideal for use with pre-terminated cables as there’s no need to cut the plugs off the ends of the cable.

Roxtec  0161 761 528 

For more information, contact your Authorised CompAir Distributor today CompAir is a brand of Gardner Denver

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