or vacuum and steam at once, promising a perfect, hygienic clean in half the time. Moreover, it is the market's only appliance to do so forwards and backwards, ensuring dirt particles are not sticking to the mop. The combination of Advanced Cyclonic Technology with the dual Clean & Steam suction head provides a high level of air/dust separation and excellent dust pick-up. Integrated steam production provides up to 25g/min of steam to sanitise floors, destroying up to 99% of bacteria and germs without the use of any chemicals.” Bo believes that robotic floorcare will benefit

from a step change in how people think about cleaning - after all, many products only work when physically used by a consumer. “Be honest, no one likes vacuum cleaning,” he

says. “You don’t come home from work clapping your hands saying, ‘I can’t wait to vacuum’. You

get home on a Friday night, and think, ‘I can’t be bothered doing this now, I’m tired’. Then you do that again the next day. And the next day. And then after a few days you think, ‘This is too dirty, I can’t live in this’, and clean. “We’ve produced some very good imagery

of how dirt builds up over time - just a simple illustration, showing how it gets progressively worse up until you clean. You have to show people how dirt works. They know, but they don’t like to think about it. When it gets too bad, and they vacuum, it all starts building up again until they clean again. All that time that you’re not cleaning, you’re just moving the built up dust around your house. That’s why it travels into the corners - that means you’re not vacuuming enough. With a robot that goes round every day, you won’t see that.”

He adds: “On a sunny day, those sparkles

you see in the air, that’s not fairy powder - it’s skin cells and dust. People choose to ignore it because it’s not a pleasant job. Eventually you get to a point where you think you need to do it.” Bo suggests considering the benefits of a

robotic vacuum cleaner against how much time would be required to achieve the same levels of cleaning every day. “I guarantee that the robot is more efficient

than you or I will ever be, because when was the last time you spent 20 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour vacuum cleaning?” he asks. “At Christmas and Spring cleaning, there you go. This does it every day. “We need people to talk about it, to talk about how it works. It takes care of a basic need, which is to keep clean. It’s not something that just happens – either you do

The iRobot range of robotic vacuums and mops guide themselves across the floor, allowing consumers to get on with things they enjoy more 30 | February 2017

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