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the inbuilt camera in the cavity allows clear visibility of every stage of the cooking process with the image appearing on the door screen.” Kelly believes that the continuing

development of products should be a source of enthusiasm for the industry.

Consumers tend to want

price-led products, but many will pay a premium for a truly personal experience

“Great advancements have been made in

the technology available and this is an exciting time for the industry as we see these changes develop,” she says. “Together with a focus on technology, design is equally important and we will be launching a range of new stylish single and compact ovens, with the top of the range model also being fully Wi-Fi enabled. As well as the cooking category, the Hoover integrated laundry offering has just been brought to the market with an updated aesthetic that is now the same as our freestanding models and large capacity, with up to a 9kg washing capacity.” Kelly also cites wine preservation as a

category worth closer examination. “82% of all wine sold is from supermarkets, so with more people storing wine for entertaining and drinking at home, there is huge potential for growth in the mainstream market,” she explains. “Last year, GfK reported significant rises in both volume and value for wine coolers, the latter increasing by over 50% in the last four years. “In the same report it highlighted that over 80% of wine cabinets sold were freestanding, or what we regard as freestanding or built-in, as these flexible models with smoked glass doors will sit undercounter within an otherwise integrated design layout. However, being freestanding, they can also be positioned anywhere in the home or in a garage. To reflect this point, GfK also highlighted the opportunity for sales growth of these types of wine cabinets to consumers in the rentals sector.” To take advantage of the category’s momentum, Kelly advises displaying a range of products that also show off design credentials. “For retailers, we always recommend

displaying a number of wine cabinets in different sizes, either in a kitchen layout or as freestanding units both in single temperature and fashionable dual-temperature combination versions for storing reds and whites,” she suggests. “Very attractive to look at, they provide a great talking point in a showroom, and they are easy to demonstrate. “Most wine drinkers will already be aware

that red wines should be stored in a cool dark place, and therefore the kitchen itself is not

Connected appliances, such as the Hoover Wizard range, present genuine time- and energy-saving benefits to consumers, Kelly believes

February 2017 | 11

the ideal ambient environment. However, they may be less aware of the fact that storing white wine in a standard fridge can also be detrimental to the taste. Exposure to light, vibrations or fluctuations in temperature and humidity can all cause wine to spoil. When properly stored, wines not only maintain their quality but many will actually improve in aroma, flavour and complexity as they mature. A dedicated wine cabinet provides an ideal ambient environment for preservation.” Kelly adds: “Baumatic was an early entrant into the wine cooling market and as a specialist in the field we have delivered expert comment on the subject in a number of trade and consumer magazines. For 2017, we are publishing a dedicated Baumatic wine cooling brochure which will be available in early Spring.”

‘How to remain relevant’ A major issue for the industry, and especially relevant to traditional independents, is how to demonstrate your value in a diversified retail space.

“Apart from the challenges that face retailers such as increased rents, rates and on-costs, one of the biggest issues is how to remain relevant in a rapidly changing consumer purchasing environment,” Kelly says. “Every retailer also has to face the online challenge head-on and deliver better, more detailed and educated customer service than can be found on the internet. “Consumers tend to want price-led products, but many will pay a premium for a truly personal experience and people love the idea of something different and new, and they want to see it in action. Displaying on-trend products that people need and want goes a long way toward that goal. Furthermore, customers that enter a showroom can take away literature about products, which is a real advantage when understanding the brand’s values.” Kelly adds: “The opportunities to promote

innovative connected products – including appliances - are huge, as they really do work brilliantly upon demonstration and provide a reason to engage with customers on the shop floor.”

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