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Redefining the smart home of the future

Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland home appliances head of product management Nick Bevan believes the possibilities of connected appliances have just begun


016 brought with it some interesting breakthroughs in technology, with new products launching to

shake up with market, which has in turn increased people’s desire to have the latest technology in their homes. At Samsung, our aim is to create a future that

offers amazing possibilities which positively benefit everyone’s lives. Over the next five years, we predict that consumers will expect all of their home appliances to be interconnected and to be able to control them from a central hub, at the single touch of a button. We are already redefining the smart home of the future with the Family Hub fridge, allowing you to connect your phone to the appliance and manage your grocery shopping while out and about. For example, the Family Hub features three

interior cameras, which take a photo of the fridge’s interior every time the doors are closed. By accessing their smartphone, a consumer can keep track of anything they might need from

the shops, without having to go home and check. Relating a feature to a real world situation, where the customer can see the benefit of the new technology and how it applies to their life, is a great way to help them picture having the appliance in their own home. The potential of this interconnectivity goes

beyond checking what is in the fridge when you’re at the shops – you can coordinate everyone's schedules, leave notes and reminders, and show off pictures of your latest family holiday. The Family Hub is at the centre of it all. The range of apps help people make more of their time in the kitchen too. For example, Allrecipes provides instant access to an amazing collection of member-shared recipes, photos and reviews, and Samsung Club des Chefs is your guide to delicious recipes for any occasion. From a practical standpoint, you can create shopping lists which conveniently sync between your Family Hub and mobile device, or with the fridge manager app you can easily control the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, check the status of the water filter and control the ice maker. With open plan living becoming more popular, the Family Hub can serve as an entertainment centre too. TuneIn provides all your favourite radio stations for free, with sports, news, music and talk radio, and with TV mirroring, whatever you're watching on your Smart TV, you can mirror it onto your Family Hub screen. It is down to retailers

Find out how a customer uses their fridge and it will be easier to recommend the right capacity and flexibility that fits in with their lifestyle

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to find out which areas will appeal most to a prospective customer and demonstrate everything they can do. Talk to them, find out how they use their appliances and their kitchens, and show how Samsung’s technologies can improve their experience.

Music, messages, shopping orders and more are all available on the touch screen of the Family Hub refrigerator

Technological improvements extend beyond

the touchscreen – a lot of work has been done on the performance of the interior of the refrigerator too. The FlexZone allows for custom cooling - a

versatile bottom-right section can switch between a fridge or a freezer with the touch of a button, allowing you to choose between four customisable temperature settings. The Triple Cooling System uses three evaporators for precise temperature and humidity control. So even with a full fridge, your food stays fresher for longer. These technologies have genuine benefits for consumers, allowing greater flexibility, reducing food waste and providing better control. When all of these technologies are combined,

it brings the refrigerator right to the heart of the family home.

February 2017

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