ways; however it is possible to demonstrate the many advantages of refrigeration appliances. For example, through demonstrations retailers can show customers how easy it is to navigate control panels and access a product’s special features. “There are also the little things that can

make a difference to just how enjoyable a product is to use - the smoothness of telescopic rails, how SmartSteel reduces fingerprint marks and LED lighting that makes everything clear to see.” Gino notes that retailers can make a

difference by offering advice that might not be found online. “Whilst consumers are often interested in the special features an appliance has to offer, you can also make a real difference in- store by sharing some handy tips for fridge and freezer maintenance,” he suggests. “It’s a great way to show that your interest extends beyond the initial purchase. For example, Bicarbonate of soda is a great, cheap and efficient cleaning solution. Dissolve it in hot water and use it to clean inside the unit.”

Sleek, modern designs from manufacturers such as Liebherr are designed to fit in with modern kitchen aesthetics

that it is only cooking appliances that can be demonstrated in exciting and captivating

‘A huge opportunity’ After a positive performance in 2016, refrigeration will continue to develop in the coming months, with a growing replacement market and opportunities to trade up. Carolyn comments: “Consumers are

increasingly looking at home appliance purchases as a longer term investment and

are adjusting their spending accordingly. We’re seeing many consumers choosing to upgrade rather than simply replace products, while looking for features that will save them money in the future.” Improving technology will increasingly

play a role in the category, as well as the wider home. “As devices become smarter and

increasingly more connected, we believe that the Internet of Things will continue to make a real difference in the home,” says Nick. “This is a huge opportunity for the industry and at Samsung we are continuing to put emphasis and research into home automation to help make people’s lives simpler and more efficient. “Samsung also recently released its top

technology predictions for 2017 and beyond, which anticipates that over the next year, more of us will aim to replace clutter with quality, as we look to streamline our lives with elegant products that are powerful in performance, but simple in design.” He adds: “The report also predicts that we will see a boom in families using technology to talk, connect and coordinate how they live. The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is an early example of this, as the appliance already enables families to stay connected and keep on top of everyone’s busy schedules; users can simply sync their calendars to the appliance to remember who’s doing the next school run, or when the next yoga class or parents’ evening is.”

Accommodating the consumer

Sirius Buying Group commercial director Steve Jones says the group’s retailers have seen growing demand for built-in refrigeration

With kitchens becoming more open to the living and dining area, appliance manufacturers have had to develop new technologies and electrical solutions to keep pace with current market trends. With that, a manufacturer’s cooling appliance portfolio is now required to offer both integrated and freestanding solutions to ensure it can effectively accommodate this new category of homeowner. Our suppliers and distributors have seen an upward trend within the group towards built-in refrigerators, however freestanding designs are still standing firm within the group and I believe this is mainly due to the innovation of colour options and stainless steel designs. As such, competition between

manufacturers remains highly competitive, especially in terms of ‘added-value’ where style, program features, lower decibels, innovative designs for increased capacity, eco-friendly attributes and performance are top priority.

Homeowners want to

know they can invest in your product

Furthermore, the replacement market is

ever growing across the built-in appliance market, seeing premium manufacturers note a huge gap in the growth for

freestanding and built-in refrigerator models. This has resulted in hugely competitive design features and price points, not to mention a range of ever growing smart home appliances which have now become commonplace across the UK appliance market. Homeowners want to know they can

invest in your product, receive a quality level of service, overcome design hurdles and even save both time and money in the long run. As a result, the demand for ‘quality lifestyle over mass-market product’ has become fundamental in today’s unforgiving market, which has seen suitable hero products being suggested to more customers.

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February 2017

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