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‘Finding sustainable solutions’ Hillier Nurseries is the first UK nursery to commercially use the new taupe recyclable pot

With eco-conscious consumers looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, horticultural businesses can lead the way with new innovations and solutions to aid sustainability

ecyclability, reducing waste and encouraging reuse have all become significant issues in recent years, both on an environmental scale and as a major consideration for consumers on an individual level.


Ensuring that as many materials as possible are easy to recycle has been a driving motivation for two major UK nurseries within

the horticultural industry, with the planned introduction of eco-friendly pots.

Leading the battle against single-use plastics, plans were announced in August to introduce the first kerbside recyclable plant pots in 2019, which will completely replace the current black plastic pots that cannot be recycled. One of the most successful nurseries in the UK, Hillier, which is the most awarded

exhibitor in the history of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, has been working tirelessly to bring this date forward.

Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire took delivery of their first pots in September, making it the first nursery in the UK to grow a commercially potted crop in a recyclable pot. Hillier plants will be the first product through any UK retailer to be available in a kerbside recyclable pot, the company says, giving customers the environmentally friendly option they’ve been looking for.

Hillier Nurseries constantly strives to explore sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic and the new taupe kerbside recyclable plant pot will be used across the entire Hillier wholesale nursery business, replacing the old black plastic pot.

Hillier Garden Centres and wholesale nurseries director Chris Francis commented: “This is a real breakthrough in the industry and we are delighted to be leading the way as the first UK nursery to commercially use the new taupe recyclable pot.

Commercial nursery Johnsons of Whixley is currently trialling new recyclable pots to help reduce its environmental impact

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“Hillier has always been a pioneer within horticulture and the introduction of the new kerbside recyclable plant pot throughout our nurseries will have a considerable impact as we forge ahead towards finding sustainable solutions to this global issue.”

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