Empathy by PlantWorks builds on success

mpathy by PlantWorks Ltd, producers of rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, have long been respected by the RHS as manufacturers of endorsed products that seek to help plants establish as naturally as possible. Many gardeners find using rootgrow on their fruit and vegetables an essential starting point to success in grow your own gardening. Any size of plant with rootgrow, from mixing a couple of teaspoons into the compost of a seed tray to treating a whole orchard of new fruit trees.


Enlightened gardeners recognise that It's all about understanding the needs of plants. Simon Taylor, Sales Director at PlantWorks Ltd. says “A plant is far better equipped to establish and thrive if it can access nutrients and water in the existing soil” He adds “We have educated gardeners and retailers to become more aware of biological and natural process as we seek to move the focus of growing from 'big plant' to 'healthier plant” which by default reduces our environmental impact”

PlantWorks have worked closely with many UK retailers that have a similar vison to change gardening culture, Wyevale for example have been retailing rootgrow for 10 successive years with annual sales of the 150g pack alone exceeding 25,000 units demonstrating the credibility and popularity of rootgrow with UK gardeners is in no doubt. The empathy range of bio stimulants and

feeds work in harmony with the mycorrhizal fungi, helping to nurture and feed the life in our soils and subsequently the plants themselves. Available in both granular and liquid formats Empathy After Plant is the perfect follow on feed that seek to enhance the effect of soil biology. The success of these RHS endorsed products has led PlantWorks to being selected as the distribution partner for the new range of RHS Wild Bird Feed recently launched at GLEE.

GCU November/December 2018

The range comprises 13 SKU’s including seeds, peanuts, meal worms, suet cakes and fat balls, servicing all the current trends in this sector in the UK. The packaging, with the strong RHS branding, offers garden centres the ability to display this premium range of products prominently for best retail effect. Available to order along with Empathy products which benefit from efficiency and consistency of supply PlantWorks have become renowned for.

The range of RHS endorsed products on offer from PlantWorks now exceeds 25 with more programmed for launch in 2019.

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