Case Study

Time and cost savings in cable containment

Gripple, is the 100% employee-owned manufacturer of wire joining devices and suspension systems, based in Sheffield. With continual innovation one of its key differentiators, saving its customers time, labour and money with faster, smarter and more versatile products is at the heart of the business’ strategy.


ere, Gripple shares how it saved one company more than ten weeks in working hours and over £3,500 in

costs. In the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire County

Council, Bassetlaw District Council and A1 Housing came together to develop and upgrade extra care accommodation on Worksop’s Abbey Grove Care Home for older adults. The complex now houses 52 beds and is BREEAM rated ‘good’. A contractor was taken on to carry out the

M&E works and they chose to use Gripple’s Fast Trak - Side Loading for the installation of all electrical containment on the project.

Preparation is key Initially, building design drawings were supplied to Gripple technical services, the in-house team of specialists which recommends which products are best suited to each job, and who provided detailed installation design and support. Exact product requirements were identified and delivered to site and coded to reference the drawings. This facilitated the easy distribution of

materials from the stores out to the work area, as opposed to transporting three metre lengths of rod and strut with separate boxes of nuts and washers. This service also included clash detection with other building services being installed which reduces any risk of problems during the installation.

Time savings As Fast Trak - Side Loading only requires a single fixing point to bolt the track to the soffit, installation took a fraction of the time needed to install the equivalent on threaded rod, with the single suspension allowing the side loading of pre-loaded containment to further speed up the installation process.

Using traditional methods this was estimated

to have taken 503 hours. With the use of Fast Trak this time was reduced dramatically to just 146 hours, shaving a huge 357 hours off the project time. The simple, tool free adjustment of the tracks

and bracket meant that alterations could be made quickly and efficiently with brackets being moved up and down the tracks to accommodate required changes in position during installation.

Green credentials Fast Trak was supplied as a pre-fabricated system which reduced the amount and size of transport movements making it a more carbon- efficient product than traditional thread and rod which traditionally arrive in three metre lengths. It was able to be neatly stacked on-site to

reduce the amount of storage space required and there was also zero waste as the product is designed so that excess track can be bent under the bracket, rather than cut off and discarded.

Safety first There was no need for a hot works permit to install Fast Trak on-site. Installers weren’t required to carry out any cutting or filing prior to installation and no training was required in how to handle the products. The reduction in time spent working at height also increased on- site health and safety. The project manager, who has previously

used Fast Trak products on three other projects explains: “Where we would usually allow two weeks per floor when using threaded rod, we got the time down to just half a week per floor using Fast Trak. I will definitely specify Gripple products in future, thanks to the huge labour- saving benefits.” Fast Trak comprises metal tracks, from 180mm

to 1500mm in length, accompanied by mounting brackets, from 135mm to 785mm long and each system can suspend a maximum weight of up to 180kg. It has been designed to suit projects in

residential buildings, high-rise office blocks, hotels, hospitals, open retail spaces or transportation hubs and is particularly useful where ceiling height is less than 800mm.

For more information about Gripple’s Fast Trak range, please visit or call 0114 275 2255

October 2019 electrical wholesaler | 43

Project: Abbey Grove Care Home, Worksop Services: Electrical containment Products: Gripple Fast Trak – side loading Time saving: 357 hours Labour savings: £7140 Total savings: £3601

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