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Ceiling lights: choose the high spec, low maintenance options for your customers!

A new range of IP44 round ceiling and wall LED bulkhead-style lighting brings to market the latest staple products to get a new Timeguardmakeover.


hese are the products your customers buy and install all the time, but that doesn’t mean they want to settle for ‘just average’ or ‘just good enough’.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Timeguard lighting is how

stylish and slim they are – no more than 55mm deep - and ideal for commercial & domestic premises. IP44 rated makes them the obvious choice for bathrooms and other wet areas. Easy installation by design and the option of BESA box fitting make them especially attractive for larger housing projects, either at new-build stage or as preferred replacements as older lights begin to fail. Add to that the Timeguard 3-year guarantee, and you have a

range you can offer to all your customers with complete confidence.

Why change up? In a price-driven competitive market, it’s all too easy to resort to offering higher discounts than you’d like; possibly reaching uncomfortably high levels that our customers soon begin to expect as the norm! You may also be tempted to meet their original price expectations by resorting to selling-on the next low-cost ‘new product’. Both are unsustainable business. Far better therefore to trade up to a better product that is more profitable for everyone in the channel.

Timeguard makes doing so easy by continuing to invest in the bread-and-

butter product lines for your everyday sales. It takes advantage of new electronics technology to add functionality and value inside, meanwhile tasking its design team to create modern, sleek exteriors and to ensure both ease of installation and ease of use.

Timeguard’s new slim line bulkheads at a glance:

●Class II safety ●IP44 ingress protection ●Ultra slim design ●Flicker-free driverless LEDs ●Easy install plug & play ●Robust polycarbonate body ●3000K (warm white) & 4000K (cool white) light versions available ●Microwave sensor versions available ●Conduit (Besa) box or surface mounted ●10w & 18w versions available ●Up to 8m diameter detection range for motion detection versions at 2.5m mounting height.

●Enhanced 360° detection zone for optimum area coverage. ●Concealed microwave detection technology for instant reaction. ●User-friendly adjustment for – Time ON: 10 seconds to 30 minutes; Light level: 10 to 2000 LUX.

10 | electrical wholesalerOctober 2019


Improved ceiling lights How do you improve on such a basic item as a ceiling light? With Timeguard it goes beyond the cosmetics – good as they are! The back-to-basics redesign means that latest electronic components are used throughout. The team also made sure to research the market and ensure that it was providing the features and benefits that your customers are looking for. So, with major users for this style of lighting being major builders and social housing associations, the features of 20mm centre-hole installation, IP44 ingress protection and conduit box installation offer quick and easy installation benefits to the installer. It’s worth noting here that Timeguard is a manufacturer wholly-dedicated to the wholesaler channel - even in the major account sector, and this dedication provides even more security for your sales and margins.

Ease of installation, which translates into speed, efficiency and cost

savings is important for any installer or property estates manager. So Timeguard built the LED panel into the diffuser, creating a single unit that is just ‘clipped-in’ once the base unit is wired in. It really is that simple! The range includes all the options you’d expect offering choices of size (280mm or 211mm diameter), warm and cool white light, 800 lumens (10W) and 1500 lumens (18W) output and the option of automatic and adjustable microwave switching. Microwave detection is of course ideal in confined spaces such as offices and toilet facilities with multiple partitioned booths where there is no direct line of ‘sight’ for PIR detection.

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