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accessories range Scolmore has added new plates and modules to its hotel accessories range to provide contractors and specifiers targeting the hotel sector with flexible and easy to install solutions. Developed with the hotel sector in mind, but with appeal across other applications,

are new illuminated blank modules which have been added to the GridPro range, as well as a new accessory plate that allows two single modules or a twin width module to be situated next to two Grid Pro switches to build a plate specific to hotel requirements. Combining the key card module with two GridPro switch modules with neon on the

hotel accessory plates provides a smart, modern and secure solution. The occupier of the room will have an internal switch furnished with etched neon indicator modules that they can switch on and off, for example: ‘clean the room’/’do not disturb’. Also new to GridPro is an illuminated switch locator module, which provides a solution for the location of switches in the dark, such as hotel rooms during the night. PowerBreaker – still the forefront of

RCD Technology Further amendments to the safety standards BS7288-2016 are due at the end of November 2019, and GreenBrook is the first to ensure its PowerBreaker RCD products adhere to the latest regulations. To explain in simple terms; the new standard requires Type A RCDs and Type AC RCDs. Type A RCDs can detect pulsating DC currents and surge faults that Type AC RCDs may not detect. Pulsating DC currents are

created from faults in modern electronic equipment. This new standard requires much more rigorous testing of the RCDs with high voltage and short circuit tests. Products that adhere to this standard have a more sensitive/stable trip window so are a much safer defence against electrocution. GreenBrook is part of the BEAMA Technical Committee who helped to write the revised standard.

uFor further details please visit: New Airmaster Infrared Heating Range

The CED Electrical Group’s 25th Anniversary Year has so far seen many new Meridian and Axiom products – now it’s the Airmaster Brand’s turn to expand its space heating offering, with a new range of Infrared heaters for patio or general outdoor use. Free standing heaters include 2kw IP34 rated twin element Pedestal and

Tower heaters, whilst wall mounted options comprise IP65 rated 2kw and 3kw Aluminium heaters, finished in black and complete with remote controllers - plus a 2kw Mini pull cord option. Completing the infrared range is the already established 1200w Quartz heater, as well as a comprehensive selection of replacement elements. With fan, convector, oil filled radiator and panel

heaters already in the range, these new infrared products both complement and strengthen the Airmaster offer of a one stop shop for space heating. For further details or a copy of our new

Range Catalogue, please call 0208 503 8500 or visit:

Electrorads’ Lot 20 compliant Vanguard+ takes smart electric radiators to another level. The Vanguard+ has 24/7 programming ability, controls housed on the top of the radiator for ease of use, open window function, Intelligent Control System (learns the heat up characteristics of the property and reacts accordingly to save energy), built-in energy consumption monitor, reduced surface temperature function and of course comfort, economy and frost protection modes. On top of this, the Vanguard+ also has Geolocation (a distance can be set which enables your radiators to react to your proximity), signal “hop” (bosting the WiFi range by hopping from one radiator to another), and if that's not enough, it can be voice controlled through Amazon Alexa! Now that's smart! The Vanguard+ range is available from all Electrical Wholesalers across the UK, or for further information contact Electrorad on 0113 2746799 or online at:

HEATING & VENTILATION October 2019 electrical wholesaler | 41

The Vanguard+ from Electrorad – giving electric heating a voice!

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