Advertorials Extending the Lifecycle of Standard Logic Devices Heraeus high temperature micro platinum heater

Rochester Electronics provides a broad range of 100% supplier authorised devices. Standard Logic devices have been part of electronic design since the early days of the industry. Through the evolution of Bipolar and CMOS technologies and with constant improvement in the package options, Standard Logic has remained a staple in many designs. With this wide adoption and with current market conditions, the availability on some Standard Logic devices is experiencing extended lead-times. Through our partnership with key suppliers such as ON Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, and Nexperia, we‘re able to support extended lifecycle products by off ering a broad range of 100% supplier authorised devices. Our inventory covers over 5,000-part numbers and over 90 million devices with wafer/die to build additional devices as needed. Our product off ering ranges from basic logic gates, combinatorial functions, counters, adders, and more. +44 (0)1480 408400

New XL Size BODY-CASE Wearable Enclosures OKW has added a new size XL to its BODY-CASE range of fully wearable plastic electronic


Smart and comfortable BODY-CASE suits a wide range of applications including data recording and transmission; IoT/IIoT; tracking/monitoring; emergency call/ notifi cation; healthcare/wellness; leisure and sports; digital

communications; stock/sales logging; safety engineering; measurement/ control; automation – and any roles involving localisation of personnel. New BODY-CASE XL – like the existing M and L sizes – can worn like a watch on a standard 18 mm strap; each enclosure is supplied with two spring bars. BODY-CASE can also be hung around the neck on a lanyard, clipped to a belt/pocket, fi tted to a key ring or carried loose. Power can be supplied by round or button cells on the PCB or by a rechargeable battery with a copper loop for inductive charging. For more information, visit the OKW website,

EMC fi lters made of high frequency composite materials meet the requirements for SiC and GaN

applications SMP has developed “All Mode” EMC fi lters with high frequency stability. EMC fi lters reduce interference currents and voltage spikes in power converters and other systems. The material of the fi lters plays a decisive part: the High Frequency Composite Materials (HFCM) developed and manufactured by SMP are eff ective for frequencies up to the gigaHertz range and satisfy all of the requirements to which modern SiC and GaN applications are subject. The All Mode design damps both diff erential mode and common mode noise. By combining HFCM and All Mode technology it is possible to reduce the number of fi lter components needed in the system by about 50 percent. Among other advantages, this also means that common mode chokes or fi lters can be dispensed with. Compared to standard technologies which use materials such as ferrite, electrical steel sheets and nanocrystalline ribbon, EMC fi lters from SMP are noiseless, up to 40 percent lighter, and reduce interference levels by as much as 40 dB[µV]. Tel: +49 (0)7255 716 0 E-mail:

accurate localised heating from ATC Semitec Ideal for heating liquids, gases and solids that require quick, highly accurate localised heating. The Heraeus H540S micro platinum heater, available from ATC Semitec, consists of a Pt-thin-fi lm structure on a thin ceramic substrate with platinum lead wires. This miniature heating element can be used over a wide temperature range from -25°C to +800°C and off ers excellent long-term stability and precision. Only 5.2 x 3.9 x 1.0mm thick with 6mm long lead-wires, the H540S micro-heater is suitable for applications in industrial process technology, bio-medical equipment, personal care, white goods and the automotive sector. Specifi cally, they are already being used within the e-cigarette market and for inhalators and evaporators in personal care. They are also suitable for precision localised heating in automated manufacturing and medical sample heating in analytical and laboratory equipment.

The Heraeus H540S forms part of a range of Heraeus Platinum sensor elements, available from ATC Semitec Ltd.

Call us for advice and samples on 01606 871680, or visit our website on

Hitaltech’s latest Raspberry Pi-compatible enclosures are now available from The Pi Hut

Hitaltech’s DIN rail mounting enclosures are modifi ed versions of the company’s popular Railbox and Modulebox models. Specially designed to meet the needs of heating, lighting and energy applications (but suitable for a far greater range of purposes), the off -the-shelf enclosures off er a surprising amount of design-friendly fl exibility, with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, room for expansion boards and multiple connection options.

If you are in need of one or two enclosures to develop your prototype, you’ll fi nd a growing range of off -the-shelf Raspberry Pi compatible enclosures at The Pi Hut. Even off -the-shelf, you’ll fi nd a surprising amount of design-friendly fl exibility across the enclosure range, and there are enclosures for many models, including Raspberry Pi 4.

OMRON launches precise and fl exible 3D Time-of-

Flight Sensor Module Sensor ranges entire fi eld of view at up to 20 fps for mobile guidance and moving-object detection. Hoofddorp, Netherlands, 8 October 2020

– OMRON Electronic Components Europe has unveiled a new precision time of fl ight ranging sensor that delivers a convenient, modular solution off ering positioning, autonomous-guidance, and proximity sensing for a wide range of applications. Commenting, Gabriele Fulco, European Product

Marketing Manager Sensors at OMRON said, “Our new sensor is a “mechanical eye” that is capable of accurately and easily detecting the surrounding environment, which will contribute to the more widespread use of autonomous robots as well as the automation of various other machinery and equipment. OMRON’s new B5L can be fi tted to moving objects such as autonomous mobile robots, to provide real-time contextual information such as guidance, collision avoidance, and cliff detection. Alternatively, located in a fi xed position, the sensor can accurately detect moving objects in the fi eld of view. It is thus suited to use in automated packaging equipment, security systems, intruder detection, and patient-monitoring and elderly-care systems.” Tel: +31 235 681 296 / Fax: +31 235 681 222 Email: Web:

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