Fig. 2: Simplified Solution Overview

speeds of 10Mbit/s download and 5Mbit/s uplink making it the ideal choice for IoT applications that require the longevity of LTE networks along with continuous coverage in regions where 4G is still emerging.

The terminals come with Full Type Approval (FTA) and certifications from global network operators, ensuring a speedy go-to-market timeline. They also offer a highly flexible mounting concept enabling quick and easy implementation via DIN rail mounting, C-rail mounting, screw fixing, or use of cable ties.

Providing near 100% global network connectivity, the Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal allows users to plug in and connect anywhere in the world. The Intelligent Cloud Connect terminal is delivered together with the Eseye AnyNet SIM which provides all the data provisioning to the AWS IoT Core. The Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal has been designed to connect with any host device via RS232 or USB, further connectivity is provided using the expansion connector offering SPI, I2C, GPIO, an additional RS232 interface and 5V power supply. The terminal provides automated Zero Touch security certification with enhanced security using AWS IoT device defender, the pre-integrated device security is automatically deployed to the terminal with centralised policy management.

Quick and easy Cloud set-up

The Thales Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal allows devices to be connected to the AWS IoT Core very easily, using simplified MQTT AT commands and an easy set-up process via the Amazon AWS Marketplace, this not only gives an efficient design but allows users with limited resources or no experience of connecting IoT devices to a Cloud to get up and running in as little as 1 hour with just a few simple steps as shown in Fig 3.

The Thales Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal makes it possible to reduce time to market by more than 50% without the need for a multi-faceted design team. IoT designs often take up to 18 months to deliver. The pre-integrated features of the Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal can slash this development and deployment time to typically a few months from scratch.

The terminal and SIM card combination provides developers further convenience through a ‘Single pane

Fig 3. Connecting a device to the IoT using the Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal

of glass’ management system for their entire global ‘Things’ deployment via the AWS IoT Services. This means the data management and billing is simplified and provided via AWS Marketplace as all billing is based on MQTT messages, not Kbyte based data SIM contracts. This unique concept means the provision of airtime is transparent to the device maker or service provider. Essentially, it is much simpler to quantify data usage in terms of messages rather than kilobytes, particularly for applications where many thousands of devices may be deployed globally. Customers have just one single point of billing for their data usage via the AWS market place, no separate billing or management is required for the pre-configured Eseye SIM supplied with the Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal.

To summarise, the Thales Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE terminal combines excellent performance, global coverage, automated security & encryption, secure MQTT client, full type approval, simplified and convenient data billing and management along with the added benefits of zero hardware design and a greatly simplified interface to host equipment that only requires two customised AT commands.

Design Support

Anglia offer comprehensive support for customer designs with free evaluation kits and samples of Thales products via

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the EZYsample service which is available to all registered Anglia Live account customers.

In addition, Anglia’s engineering team have extensive experience of working with IoT related designs and can provide valuable product demonstrations, insight, advice, and component recommendations for your application. This expertise is available to support customers with all aspects of their designs, offering hands on hardware and software design support along with access to Thales extensive resource of technical application notes.

Visit to see the full range of Thales products available from Anglia.

*Amazon, AWS, Microsoft, Azure, Eseye and Java are trademarks of their respective owners

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