Space-saving DMM Micro D Mix Connectors available on short lead times


he DMM Series from Nicomatic, the leading manufacturer of high performance interconnect systems, is a highly modular AS/EN9100 aerospace quality miniature

connector series, combining a wide choice of signal, power and coax contacts into a 2mm pitch ruggedized form factor. This highly reliable, space-and-weight saving series is MIL-DTL- 83513G compliant and offers electromagnetic and mechanical protection for mission-critical, harsh environment aerospace, defence & security, telecoms and energy applications among others. The low profile DMM Series allows up to five million different contact arrangements in one to four rows and is suitable for board to board, board to wire, wire to wire and panel mount. Manufactured in house on Swiss screw machines, DMM Series contacts are specifically designed

to withstand vibration up to 20G and shocks of up to 100G. Specifications are: copper alloy with gold plating signal (LF) contacts for high speed data transmission up to 5Gbits/s; high power or high current (HP) contacts suit up to 30A; coax contacts transmit high frequency signals up to 20GHz. With mono or split backshells that provide 360 degree EMI shielding and protect the cable interconnection, there is also a flange option for panel-mounted shielding continuity. Nicomatic’s production continues in its French manufacturing facility during the Coronavirus pandemic, with safe social distancing working practices in place. The DMM Series is currently available on four to six week lead times. Other Nicomatic connector series are also available promptly, including the company’s 2mm CMM Series which has a lead time of only one week.

Partnering with global suppliers to eradicate a common enemy

miths Interconnect is proud to be collaborating with leading medical technology organisations around the world to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The company has long been a trusted partner to key ventilator manufacturers providing high reliability connectors renowned for their durability and unfaltering performance in critical environments.

As a global organisation with design and manufacturing locations in North Africa, APAC, the Americas and Europe, the company recognise foremost the necessity of working across nationalities, time zones and cultures. It is at the forefront of its

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operating model and at the heart of how we support our customers in times of crisis. While governments around the globe increasingly appeal for quick delivery of even more life-saving ventilators, Interconnect is hard at work producing the connectivity solutions needed to ensure this urgent need is addressed. Currently its teams in Asia, the Americas and Europe are supporting programs to deliver connectors for ventilator production and delivery within those regions. These are products it has provided for many years including among others: • KNB Series – a board-to-board connector with Hypertac hyperboloid technology utilized within a French-made

portable ventilator found in ambulances, ambulatory helicopters and hospitals.

• D Series – a push-pull, hyperboloid circular connector used to provide power to a US developed; Asia manufactured ventilator system.

• Spring Probe Interposers – board- to-board connectors with spring probe contacts used for mating with replaceable battery packs in a UK developed breathing system. Production volumes are ramping up quickly, and Smiths Interconnect is honoured to be part of the worldwide effort to meet this challenge.

40 October 2020

Components in Electronics

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