Connectivity can accelerate your path into Industry 4.0

A key element in the transition to Industry 4.0 is the network connectivity. Matthew Johnson, divisional marketing manager at Anglia discusses Analog Devices Chronous Ethernet solutions that are deterministic, robust and scalable, and can put you at the forefront of the next industrial revolution


ndustry 4.0 promises to deliver greater levels of fl exibility and productivity to manufacturing and process control. With this comes some formidable challenges not least of which is the connectivity solutions required to network all these industrial machines together so they can share time-critical data. Getting the connectivity solution right will enable these new “Smart” factory initiatives to create business value by increasing output, asset utilisation, and overall productivity. This networking of machines and utilisation of the new data streams they produce will enhance fl exibility and refi ne quality, whilst reducing energy consumption and residual waste.

Network connectivity

Anglia is in an excellent position to help, with Analog Devices’ wide range of leading edge- to-enterprise Industrial Ethernet connectivity solutions. The ADI Chronous™ portfolio of products has been specifi cally designed to accelerate your path to Industry 4.0. Analog Devices has leveraged its deep domain expertise and advanced technologies to connect the industrial devices and networks of the future. Their trusted solutions ensure critical data is reliably delivered throughout the application, ensuring seamless connectivity and operational effi ciency. ADI Chronous solutions stand up in the toughest, time-critical environments and open the door to time-sensitive networking.

The ADI Chronous products are designed around 3 key cornerstones, Deterministic for precision time-critical control, Robustness for use in the harshest conditions and Scalable to achieve optimised system design.

New PHY transceiver

ADI Chronous Ethernet solutions encompass a range of advanced industrial Ethernet technologies from real-time Ethernet switches, Physical Layer (PHY) transceivers and protocol processing to complete network interface products.

One of the latest additions to the ADI Chronous portfolio is the ADIN1300 PHY, this device is a low-power, single port Ethernet transceiver with industry leading power and latency specifi cations designed for time- critical industrial Ethernet applications up to Gigabit speeds.

The ADIN1300 has been designed to target industrial Ethernet applications such as motion control, factory automation, building automation, test and measurement, and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The ADIN1300 integrates an energy effi cient Ethernet physical layer device (PHY) core with all associated common analog circuitry, input and output clock buffering, management interface and subsystem registers, and MAC interface and control logic to manage the reset and clock control and pin confi guration. The device has extremely low power consumption down to 330mW for 1000BASE-T and 140mW for 100BASE-TX.

Functional block diagram The PHY is designed to operate reliably in harsh industrial conditions over an extended ambient temperature range of -40°C to +105°C, it features robust EMI/EMC/ESD performance meeting EMC test standards IEC 61000-4-x and EN55032 for class A radiated and conducted emissions.

Anglia design support

Analog Devices offers comprehensive support tools for the ADI Chronous family of Industrial Ethernet solutions including evaluation boards which allows designers to simplify evaluation of the key features of the ADIN1300. The evaluation board is powered by a single, external, 5 V supply, the on-board P3 fi eld programmable gate array (FPGA) mezzanine connector (FMC) allows connection to a master FPGA system for the media access control (MAC) interface and management data input/output (MDIO) control. The MDIO can also be controlled via an optional MDIO interface dongle included as part of the kit. Linux device drivers and IBIS models are also available for the ADIN1300 to assist designers during the product development phase. Anglia offer support for customer designs with free evaluation kits and samples of Analog

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Devices products via the EZYsample service which is available to all registered Anglia Live account customers.

Anglia’s team of fi eld application engineers are also on hand to support customers designing for Industry 4.0.

Visit to see the full range of ADI Chronous Ethernet solutions and other Analog Devices products available from Anglia.

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