Medical Electronics Micronel U65 Future

Medical Line Blowers: Turbine products tailored for all applications of medical breathing ventilator therapy

First deliverable from government and industry-backed standardisation programme to help promote safe public trials and development testing of automated vehicles


OVID-19 has put medical ventilators on to the front pages during 2020 and the new additions to Micronel’s high performance blower range are perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of medical breathing ventilation therapy.

These space-saving, high-performance turbines share similar PQ (pressure v airflow) output characteristics and mounting geometries and offer the customer the advantage of modular motor options to match specific ventilation therapies and functionality/cost requirements. Micronel’s precision engineered products comprise well-balanced, super-low mass rotor/impellor systems that enable virtually vibration-free operation and best in class

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dynamic responsiveness. The brushless motorised impeller and airway systems have been aerodynamically perfected to provide high efficiency and ultra-quiet operation, coupled with high reliability and life expectancy. The blowers support invasive (ICU) as well as non-invasive (CPAP/Bi-Level/Transport) ventilation modes of 10 to 80 millibar (4 to 32 inH2O), enable a peak flow rate of 400 litres/min (14.2 cfm) and allow for maximum pressures of more than 110 millibar (44 inH2O). The new low inertia of mass impellers reduce the “flywheel” moment of inertia by 70% compared to previous models and highly dynamic accelerations of up to 1 million RPM per second can be achieved, crucial when following the breathing rate of patients.

This enables a ventilator response, which could previously only be achieved using valve-controlled ventilation devices. By combining ideal pneumatic geometry and specially designed brushless dc motors, maximum efficiency of the turbines is achieved resulting in reduced motor heating, low current consumption and extended operating time for battery applications. Oxygen resistant versions are also available to prevent the corrosive effects of blended Oxygen and non-flammable biocompatible materials provide additional safety for patients.

The inlet or outlet connection are extremely flexible and can be omitted if necessary where compact design and assembly space needs to be minimised. The cable assembly can be adjusted

to selectable lead wire length, lead wire type, and connector type.

Micronel specialise in High Performance Blowers and Fans, their fan and blower products meet the needs of industries with special performance characteristics – Medical, Electronics Cooling, Personal Protection, Packaging, Gas Analysis, Laboratory, Scientific, Transportation, Process Control, Industrial and many more applications. Micronel offer customers the widest choice of standard ultra-slim fans, axial fans and high performance high pressure radial blowers from UK stock and provide technical design support for modified products and client specific designs.






Micronel’s MINIATURE RADIAL BLOWERS has become the hallmark for state-of-the-art medical ventilator designs, ranging from sleep apnea up to intensive care units (ICU). Micronel`s precision engineered products comprise well-balanced, super-low mass rotor systems that enable virtually vibration-free operation and best in class dynamic responsiveness.

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18 May 2020

Components in Electronics

Entry level, most economic blower for high volume requirement!

Versatile mid range blower, higher speed motor, with Hall sensors!

Top of the range, highest speed, most dynamic behavior!

Most powerful blower, where highest pressures are needed!

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