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Electronics Industry Awards 2020: Who will win BIG?

Winning an award for your product, business or even yourself can offer prestige and recognition to your brand, impress potential new customers and offer real evidence of your hard-earned successes. Winning an Electronics Industry award, and being part of our reigning class of 2020, can offer even more…

autonomous emergency resupply by unmanned air systems. Our fi nal judge is Andy Stubbings, who is the UK managing director of Noritake Itron, the market-leading electronics manufacturer, and is perfectly placed to utilise his extensive know-how and technical expertise to the task of judging.


There are so many ways to get involved and support this one- of-a-kind industry event. To fi nd out more about sponsorship opportunities for the Electronics Industry Awards 2020 please get in contact with Harriet Campbell by emailing

he entries and nominations are in, and what a varied and innovative collection of products, businesses and individuals they are. This year, we have had more entries than ever before and are thrilled to see new and emerging technologies being included in the list, as well as industry giants showcasing their incredible solutions for a wide range of industry applications. Every sector of the component industry is represented in our awards scheme, a true refl ection of the innovation and development constantly produced by the electronics market.

EXPERT JUDGING PANEL Adam Fletcher, Chairman of ecsn and IDEA John Biggs, ITSA Chairman Peter Hannon, ITSA Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Harting UK Svetlana Josifovska, Editor of Electronics World Nicholas Hill, Chief Executive Offi cer of Plextek Andy Stubbings, UK Managing Director of Noritake Itron

Following on from the success of last year’s judging panel, we have decided to include contributory scores from an extended group of industry insiders. Returning to the fold for the 2020 awards is Adam Fletcher, who is chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn), the business association established in 1970 that offers support to all

4 May 2020 Components in Electronics

organisations with an interest in electronic components throughout their entire lifecycle. He is also chairman of the International Distribution of Electronics Association (IDEA), and CIE’s most valued commentator, writing monthly insights on the trends shaping our industry. You can read his latest contribution on page 10.

We are also delighted to introduce new members to the Electronics Industry Awards judging panel. We’re hugely excited and grateful to announce that ITSA (Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association) chairman and industry heavyweight John Biggs has offered his expertise to help decide the winners. Biggs is joined by his colleague and fellow market leader Peter Hannon, who is not only the Managing Director of Harting UK, but is also the Deputy Chairman of the ITSA, too. Both men have extensive experience and are well equipped to make informed choices. Electronics veteran and editor of Electronics World, Svetlana Josifovska, is lending her technical eye to the task of choosing the 2020 winners. Her knowledge will be invaluable to the process and we’re thrilled to include her opinion on the latest electronic products and solutions. Chief Executive Offi cer of Plextek Nicholas Hill has agreed to be one of our illustrious judges this year. His company have produced some incredible innovations over the past 20 years including an immersive virtual reality training simulation for military and air force, an adaptive FPGA-based System on a chip (SoC) Imaging, a tinnitus and hearing loss early warning detection system and a millimetre wave micro-radar system to enable SUPER SPONSORS

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our incredible sponsors. We’ve been hugely fortunate this year to have so much backing from within the industry itself and would like to thank our sponsors:

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