Omron vision sensor enhances retail signage Hoofddorp, Netherlands, Tuesday, 28 April 2020 – Omron Electronic Components has

announced that its Human Vision Sensor forms the heart of a new digital signage accessory aimed at retailers, providing the gender and age of viewers. The Nexmosphere X-Eye Gender sensor captures just these specific data points for those standing in front of interactive displays and digital signage, allowing content to be tuned appropriately whilst complying fully with GDPR regulations. Hubert van Doorne, Business Development Director at Nexmosphere, commented, “Retail is continually reinventing itself, and we are helping retailers create new and better experiences digitally. A good and attentive sales assistant will direct customers towards products and promotions relevant to them. With X-Eye we’re now able to do the same with digital content. Our main goal with this product was to take a standard sensor and create a retail proof solution which can simply be connected with no set-up required. We were prompted to use the Omron HVC because many of our customers were already very positive about this particular sensor. It provides comprehensive and easily accessible information with no set-up, internet connection or software license required unlike many of the alternatives we considered.” Tel: +31 235 681 296 / Fax: +31 235 681 222 Email: / Web:

Go anywhere AWGs deliver 24V output swings on up to

8 channels Spectrum adds four new LXI-based AWG instruments for high amplitude signal generation The ability of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) o recreate virtually any waveshape makes them especially useful as signal generators in today’s sophisticated electronic systems. Spectrum Instrumentation recently released four new models to their generatorNETBOX family with output swings of up to 24 volts on up to 8 channels, to cover even demanding test applications. The new units use the latest 16-bit Digital-Analog- Converters and offer two different speed ranges: The DN2.657 models output waveforms at rates up to 125 MS/s while the DN2.654 units have a 40 MS/s capability. Both speed ranges are available with either 4 or 8 fully synchronous channels. LXI-based instruments, with their simple Ethernet connection to PC’s or computer networks, are easy to

integrate and operate. Small and compact, Spectrum’s generatorNETBOX products use Gbit Ethernet and weigh as little as 6.3 Kgs. It means they are portable and can work almost anywhere; freestanding on a test bench, rack-mounted with other equipment, or even mobile (when equipped with an optional 12 or 24 V DC power supply).

For perfect waveform generation each channel features its own 16-bit DAC and output stage. Channels share a common clock and trigger to guarantee full synchronization and the output stages incorporate four switchable filter paths to help optimize signal quality. The flexible output stages combine with the high-resolution DACs to ensure the generation of signals with very low distortion, wide dynamic range and an exceptional signal-tonoise ratio. All the models feature the ability to output waveforms with amplitude swings of up to ±12 V into a 1 MOhm load or ±6 V into 50 Ohm. Oliver Rovini, CTO at Spectrum, said: “These new AWG products offer a cost-effective solution, in one easy to

integrate package, for anybody wanting to generate larger test signals in the DC to 60 MHz range. We’ve designed them with versatility in mind and incorporated features that allow the creation of an almost limitless range of test and control signals. For example, the units include large on-board memories of up to 2 x 512 MSamples that can be utilized in a number of different operating modes thereby allowing the generation of long and complex waveforms. This includes Single-Shot, Loop, FIFO, Gated and Sequence Replay modes. In FIFO mode the instruments can stream data continuously over the Gbit Ethernet port from PC memory to the AWG memory. Signals can even be generated while new waveform data is being loaded to the on-board memory.” The AWG’s flexibility is further enhanced by front-panel multipurpose I/O connectors that give access to additional synchronous digital (marker) outputs, asynchronous digital I/O, the trigger output, the run and arm status and different clocks.

Simple control and Signal Generation Controlling and generating signals with a generatorNETBOX is straight forward. The instruments come with Spectrums SBench 6 Professional software as standard. SBench 6 enables the user to control all the modes and settings of the AWG via a simple easy-to-use interface. The software supports multi-channel operation and has a host of built-in features for waveform display, signal generation, data analysis and documentation. Basic signals can be created using the software’s EasyGenerator function that produces waveforms like sine waves, triangles or rectangles with programmable frequency, amplitude and phase. More complex signals can be created using mathematical equations or by importing data from other programs or devices (such as digitizers or oscilloscopes) in Binary, ASCII, or Wave formats. The generatorNETBOX units are fully programmable and drivers are provided, free of charge, to support the most popular programming languages (such as C++, VB.NET, C#, J#, Delphi, Java or Python code) as well as third party software tools like LabVIEW and MATLAB.

Five Year Warranty All Spectrum AWG’s carry an industry-leading, five-year warranty. Furthermore, software and firmware updates are free of charge for the lifetime of the product. Support is done directly by a skilled in-house team of engineers – normally within a couple of hours after receiving the request. The new generatorNETBOX products are in full production and available for purchase directly from Spectrum or through the company’s worldwide network of representatives.

Secure and safe waterproof connections from E-tec Interconnect

When waterproofing is a consideration for reliably connecting wires, the IPX7 rating afforded by the use of solid rubber seal rings is a proven method. The 2mm pitch E-tec range allows 2, 3 or 4 wires to be plugged and unplugged. These are held securely in place with an inner housing lock. The sprung construction of the phosphor bronze contact receptacle and mating plug deliver a reliable 3A rating for wires AWG #22 to #26.

This connector system can be supplied incorporated in a complete cable

assembly terminated to customer requirements. For more information, technical details and pricing, please use the contact details below or email

E-tec Interconnect (UK) Ltd

Medical grade adaptor range increases power to 300W

Luso has announced that the ATM Series of Desktop Medical grade adaptors increased their available power range. This versatile range of desktop medical grade adaptors has added a higher power 300W unit to the family.

With desktop adaptors now from 36W to 300W this range offers a quick to approve power solution for medical applications where the power supply is not required to be embedded inside the equipment. Featuring all relevant industrial and medical safety approvals the ATM series are competitively priced to offer a compelling solution for many requirements. The factory can also offer modifications and customisations including different connectors and labelling to mention a few if required.

Features • ANSI / AAMI / EN ES60601-1:2012 (60601 edition 3.1) • EMC: IEC60601-1-2:2014(edition 4.0) • IEC 60950 approval

• Means of Protection: two MOPP • Touch Current: < 100μA • A 100 to 240VAC Universal Input • Regulated Output with Low Ripple Noise • Safety Agency Requirements and EMI/EMS Certified • Modified and Custom Design Available • Two Year Warranty medical-grade-adapters/


ANSMANN manufacture all types of rechargeable and primary cell battery packs (NiMH, Lithium and Alkaline) both in hard and soft cases, designed and produced according to customer specifications.

ANSMANN also offer a wide range of standard battery chargers and power supplies or bespoke designs to suit your application; with sales and technical support, quality control and warehousing in the UK. 08706092233

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