ngland is a country that can’t make its mind up. And by that, I am talking completely and totally about the weather. We spend the whole (two

weeks) of summer complaining about the heat, and when we’re not complaining about the heat, we’re complaining about the lack of heat. Then as soon as it turns cold, we spend our days going from the freezing cold outside, into rooms that are sauna-like from all the heating. Don’t even get me started on the rain. Basically, whenever I have friends from other countries visiting, I tell them to pack for all weathers – and I mean all weathers.

The thing that comes off worse in the ever changing weather? Footwear.

I’m a total cliché of femininity: I have

about a hundred pairs of shoes, and it seems like none of them can survive more than a few steps in a light drizzle without becoming soaked through. Or, if they are by some miracle waterproof, they’re incapable of retaining heat. So, your feet are dry, but, does that really matter when all five of your toes are numb and unable to feel anything?

Then, occasionally, you manage to find a great pair of

warm, waterproof winter boots – but as soon as you step into a warm office, or find yourself in an unexpected heat spell, you’re left with feet hot enough to cook an egg on.

All I want is a pair of boots that will keep my feet dry and warm, yet are

breathable enough to not make me feel like I’m having a hot flash whenever temperatures reach 18 degrees plus. Impossible, I know.

Or so I thought, until this autumn, when I was asked to road test a pair of

Tamaris boots. The boots themselves are gorgeous. A beautiful golden brown colour that like a fine wine, will only get better with age. That kind of brown is pretty at first, but even lovelier when properly distressed. Happily, it’s also the kind of brown that goes with literally anything; leggings and jumpers, jeans and t-shirts, summer dresses and short skirts.

The style is similarly flexible. The lace up style and smooth boot shape

makes you think of summer walking trips, while the smattering of woolly textile at the top is a nod to winter chill. On looks alone, these boots tick all the boxes. But I’m not a woman who can be wooed on looks alone (well...actually... judging by my current shoe collection, I definitely am). I need the full package.


And amazingly enough, these boots are it. The full package. Worn with light

socks, they’re suitably cool and breezy to get through a hot spell, while remaining waterproof enough to see off the most sudden of showers. A pair of thick-not-too-thick socks will be enough to keep your feet warm in the winter chill.

Meanwhile, I don’t know how they’ve designed these boots, but I’m fairly certain they’ve been built by my magic elves, because when I turn up at my boiling hot office, I no longer spend the day the day feeling like I’ve got hot water bottles for feet. Instead, my feet are pleasantly toasty, but never too toasty. It’s a Christmas miracle I tell you.

These boots have stepped from the unpredictable British autumn to the just as inclement British winter, and they’ve not faltered once. And I’m willing to bet good money they’ll see me into summer too. How do I know? Well, a few days after receiving them, I took them off to Australia with me for two weeks. Specifically, to Melbourne, where the weather can range from 15 degrees to 35 in the space of a week – and the boots took it all in stride. They proved equally comfortable and easy

on the foot, even after a long walk on a hot Australian beach – what more could you possibly wish for from a pair of boots?

You know what they say. The best gift you can give at Christmas is a pair of

boots that transitions seamlessly from cold weather to hot and back again. Or something like that. So if you’re looking for boots to start the New Year off, pick these. Twelve months later, you’ll still be wearing them to see it off too.


Style number: 25110-305 Leather flat ankle boot with contrasting collar, lace up featuring inside zip for ease of use, available in cognac or black.

Trade Price: £30.50 - Retail: £79.95

Contact: David Coles, Email:

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