Do you have an online shop/website? We have an online shop and find that many customers use it to have a look before coming in. As we are all about fitting we always recommend coming in to be measured and fitted. However we know thats not always possible we have found that most orders are not local but are going further a field and we seem to have a good customer base in Europe and we seasonally receive their orders for their next pair of shoes. We use Facebook snd Instagram which are really helpful to show customers whats arrived and its a good way for customers to communicate with us.

How are you finding footwear market currently? Even though we have been open for four years we are still growing which is fantastic. We are still getting new customers by recommendation and by social media. Our customers very loyal and over the last four years we have been educating them all about the importance of good fitting shoes and healthy feet. The weather can effect trade at the moment the sun is not shining so people are hanging on to buy their sandals. What we have found is customers appreciate our time, knowledge and honesty I think thats why we have a very loyal following.

What is selling well? We currently stock 16 different brands and it seems to keep on growing! I honestly couldn't say what sells best. Bobux is very popular with first walkers, Geox boys school shoes are extremely popular and in winter Bogs have been fantastic. We don't favour any brands we stock a variety as its essential not only for choice but for great fitting as not one shoe brand will fit all.

How important is Fitting. Fitting is an essential part to our business its what we are all about. We fit for everything from slipper to school shoes. We are members of the society of shoe fitters snd trained by them. Its essential to our role. Parents trust our knowledge and skills to look after their childrens feet.

Do you use an Epos system? Currently we use Izettle.

Any tips on stock offers? Seasonally we have a clearance event and clear the shelves. Its a good way to clear stock thats old or hasn't been as popular as you thought. its amazing how many pairs of shoes people buy. The first time we did this we were surprised how busy we were and it gets busier each time. Last time we did this we had people queuing at the door!

What is your favourite childrens brand? That would be really difficult to decide. We only stock brands that we are happy with the quality and fitting potential. Different brands suit different feet snd needs. Though I wish I had known about Bobux and Froddo when our boys were young.

How do you select products? This takes time! We cater for different ages and different types of feet so we need different brands to cover this. I usually photograph all the shoes I like and then work through them. Their are so many different styles to chose and its important we try and get it right. Sometimes if Im unsure I will use social media for some feedback.

Which footwear show? Moda in February and we go to several childrens shoe show rooms where most of the agents work together.

Do you have a favourite agent? No we don't as they have been all really helpful.

The next step, any plans? Yes we have plans for our shop. We have always focussed on childrens shoes and over the last couple of seasons we have been adding ladies shoes. We have decided to increase this as we bet so many requests.

Zap&Toes T: 01327 354843 E: W:


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