Sue Shephard of KOKO Footwear, Bishops Frome, Hereford & Worcestershire, tells Cheryl Taylor, Editor, why she buys DB Shoes?

Kindly tell us about your shop, its location and your customers? Koko Footwear is a family run business located at the Hop Pocket Shopping Village that sits within the stunning Herefordshire and Worcestershire countryside. We stock ladies and men’s footwear.

What made you decide to buy this brand? We specialise in comfort footwear and noticed that many of the brands available were just not wide enough for our customers. We pride ourselves in offering great customer service and by understanding the needs of our customers found DB Shoes. They were wider and deeper and provided something we were missing within our stock.

How did you find out about the brand, where and when? When visiting the Moda trade show at the NEC Birmingham we came across DB Shoes. They were exactly the type of shoes customers were asking for.

Which features of the brand do you like best and why? The depth and width of DB Shoes are fantastic and they don’t compromise on style because of this. The range is considerable and many of the best- selling lines are available in different widths and colours. Many of the shoes can fit orthotics, which is a great feature, as many customers were frustrated at the lack of shoes that would accommodate these.

How does this brand compare with other brands in the same category you stock/have stocked? When customers try on DB Shoes and compare them to other brands they can instantly feel the difference. The toe box is particularly generous with customers commenting they have ‘wiggle room’ for their toes!

Which styles have worked best for you? The styles that DB Shoes offer with a combination of stretch and leather work well for us in any season. They provide the customer with ‘slipper like’ comfort, with a good range of styles from heeled courts to classic trouser shoes.

Is the brand one of your best-sellers? Where does it stand price-wise? DB Shoes has become one of the main brands we stock due to the increased demand for a comfortable and stylish wider fit shoe. The price is competitive and sits along side other comfort brands.

Which are the most popular styles? The most popular styles for us are Healey in ladies shoes, this classic style has a seam free toe box and has beautifully soft leather uppers. For men we have found Shannon is a winner, again it provides seam free comfort.

Have you recommended the brand to other retailers? Yes, we have recommended DB Shoes as there is the demand for wider fitting footwear and DB Shoes have definitely got this product right.

Please tell about the service you receive from the manufacturer? The team at DB Shoes and John our representative are very easy to deal with and always ready to help with any queries. They have a great online ordering system allowing us to top up stock on a regular basis and consequently enabling us to provide great service to our customers.

Contact: Sue Shephard, KOKO Footwear, The Hop Pocket, Bishops Frome,

Herefordshire & Worcestershire, WR6 5BT Tel: 01885 490871


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