Peter Kaiser’s current hashtag is #beautifulsince1838. M

y feet have been feeling beautiful since around 08:38 last Tuesday, when my Peter Kaiser booties arrived in the post. I can’t vouch for

the rest of me. Peter Kaiser’s raison d’etre is to make classically beautiful boots that

enhance the wearer’s self-confidence and attractiveness. On that first morning, my feet were confidently striding around the kitchen floor, attractively clad in my suede Tialda ankle boots in a warm shade of dark red, which the Peter Kaiser website describes as Cabernet lilac, but which is close to the colour of the cabernet sauvignon I had last weekend.

I should really have used the German word for raison

d’etre – Daseinsberechtigung – because ‘made in Germany’ is the quality guarantee offered by Peter Kaiser, which has been operating out of the same factory in Pirmasens near the German-French border for more than 175 years. The company was set up in the town in 1838 by the eponymous Peter Kaiser and produces its footwear in the oldest shoe factory in Europe.

Excellence is the brand’s byword. It prides itself on

making shoes and boots that express femininity, timeless elegance and individual style. The company goes as far as saying that ‘Peter Kaiser shoes underline the feminine character’. Who buys Peter Kaiser products? Why The Queen of course, other members of the Royal Family and celebrities from around the globe, the list is endless.

I can’t vouch for every style, but femininity was oozing out of the Tialda

boots that landed on my doorstep. As soon as I lifted them out of the box and stroked the soft velour outers, I started admiring their sleek lines. From every angle, they looked perfectly formed: classically elegant, and I want to say that they ‘screamed quality’, but these boots are far too refined to shout and scream. They are discreet, rather than showy, and while nobody would mistake them for anything other than the finest boots money can buy, they are so understated that you could wear them for any occasion: a business meeting, a weekend trip, or just popping out to the shops.

Although I desperately wanted to take them outside within the first

hour and show them off, no matter what the occasion, I was also fighting a strong desire to keep them looking as perfect as the minute they arrived. I considered just putting them back in the box and wrapping them carefully in tissue paper to keep them pristine. I would hold them back for a special occasion, like a Royal visit or something equally worth the risk of scuffing them.

12 • FOOTWEAR TODAY • DECEMBER 2019 For a while, I displayed them on the boot rack in the hall, moving them a

little to the left then a little to the right to show them off to their best advantage. I wondered if it would be a fair road test if I just wore them around the house? And I considered whether they would go with my pyjamas.

But of course, it would have been a terrible waste to keep them cossetted

indoors, because these boots deserve to be seen. And on the comfort scale, they go all the way up to the top and then a bit further. I had the feeling from the start that I would be able to walk a long way in these finely crafted booties without a twinge of footsoreness. From the moment I slid my feet inside, I knew they were one of the most perfectly fitting boots I’d ever worn (after I’d removed the boot shapers, which were also very discreet).

The company claims that its footwear stands out from the crowd due to

the use of premium materials, the highest quality craftsmanship and ‘outstanding fit’. I had no argument with any of that, on day one of my trial, and as the days went by, my confidence in the boots, in the brand, and even the attractiveness of my poor old feet, kept going up.

They hugged themselves around my ankles when I wore them with a woollen skirt to a business lunch, then made themselves unselfconsciously lovely as they nuzzled the bottoms of my burgundy skinny jeans throughout a girly trip to the cinema, and they blended classily into the background in the bank.

These boots are a true all-rounder, effortless to

wear, a class act wherever you go. And your feet will be beautiful in them, no matter what time you put them on.

Product details:

Uppers: Suede/Velour leather / Lining: Leather Colour: Cabernet Heel height: 45mm / Sole material: elastic / Leg height: 160mm Closure: zipper / Toe: square / Width: F- 1/2 / Heel type: block Trade Price: £71.90 - RRP: £195.00

Contact: Johnny Woolfson, Peter Kaiser Sales Agent – UK & Ireland. E. / M: 0035387 6546000 / W:

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