ompact design and minimised leakage potential: The new WIKA model IVM monoflange for connecting pressure measuring instruments to the process is particularly suitable for applications involving critical liquids, gases and vapours. Special seals also prevent fugitive emissions in accordance with TA-Luft (VDI 2440) and ISO 15848-1.


Newmonoflange desig n also prevents fugitive emissions C

New PRT2 Product Configurator


epcoMotion is pleased to announce a new product configurator for its PRT2 track system. Making the design process much easier and quicker, the PRT2 configurator allows designers to quickly configure a track system which can then be imported directly into their

Rather than having to download all the parts separately, assembly.

segments or slides can be configured; carriages and bleed quicker and easier. Any track system containing up to 17 together, the system makes the design process much build the assembly and mate all of the components

quickly exported as a complete assembly into multiple file lubrication can also be incorporated. The model can be

details such as hole positions, machine clearances and formats – allowing the customer to conveniently check

Designed to save time and offer greater convenience, fixture details.

the PRT2 configurator is easily accessible from the HepcoMotion website (

Hepco Motion 

01884 243 400  Bell Flow Systems  0800 027 7786 

The monoflange is manufactured and tested to comply with various common standards such as ASME BPVC. It is designed for a long service life, even under difficult conditions. The valves work durably, smoothly and precisely, even at high pressures. The metal seat of the non-rotating spindle tip is tested for bubble tightness. To avoid seizure and leaks, the threaded mounting of the bonnets is not in contact with the medium. version with OS&Y bonnet, firesafe tested to API 607 and ISO 10497/BS 6755-2, the

IVM ca In a


the combination of the monoflange (or other protective devices) with a pressure n also be mounted directly to the process without additional first isolation.

measuring instrument, WIKA offers professional assembly. Customers receive an application-specific, complete solution (“hook-up”), ready for installation and leak-tested.

WIKA  01737 644008 

FlowMeters for compressed air and gas C

omate Thermal Mass flow meters are available in a variety of versions with local or remote display. The standard insertion model can fit pipes from DN80-DN500, inline models are available for smaller pipe sizes down to DN25 with specials for larger pipe up to DN 6000. TGF450 Thermal mass flow meter was designed especially for the measurement of compressed air. It can provide stable and accurate measurement at a very economical cost and has 1.5% FS+0.5RD accuracy on a 100:1 wide turndown ratio. The compact design and thick probe are easily installed in high pressure pipelines with limited space.

The inline TGF200 Thermal mass meters range from 1/4" to 2" pipework and are ideally suited to compressed air applications. With 4 different flow ranges available within each size , 4-20mA and RS 485 Modbus output and choice of connection threads making this a very versatile range.


Mega_Bridge adds

Hydra-CellMetering Pump shows its versatility

To call Wanner’s new Hydra-Cell® MT8 a low flow high pressure metering pump would do it a serious injustice


his amazing triplex diaphragm pump can achieve a minimum flow rate of 0.227 litres per hour with the accuracy, linearity and repeatability demanded by API 675, but is capable of generating a maximum flow of 30.28 lph. The Hydra-Cell MT8 is designed to perform at pressures, up to 241 bar, while generating a smooth virtually pulse-less flow for homogeneous metered injection.

With no cups, packing or seals to leak and its ability to handle a wide range of aggressive and abrasive liquids and even run dry without damage, new uses for the MT8 are surfacing daily. Applications to date include methanol injection in the oil and gas industry, personal care products and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing and additive injection in polyurethane foam production, highlighting the pump’s flexibility.

The use of PTFE diaphragms, along with the availability of a wide range of pump head materials (including

The replenishment valve system in every piston ensures optimum actuating oil on every stroke for continuous Hastelloy® C, 316 SST Alloy 20, PVC and PVDF) make the MT8 the ideal choice for metering hazardous liquids.

With suction and discharge ports on either side of the pump for installation flexibility and range of electronic and accuracy and protects the pump from damage in the event of a blocked suction line.

Wanner International Ltd

manual control options, the Hydra-Cell MT8 opens up many new possibilities for chemical metering and injection.  01252 816 847


flexible and fully fefeatured internet protocol

M Mega_Link family of Te


• Flexible Communications • IOT Architecture

• UHF Licence Free Radio

• 3G/4G mobile networks • ETHERNET, Wi-Fi

ega_Bridge adds flexible and fully featured internet protocol (IP) connectivity to the well-established Telemetry & Control units used to pass

two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between sensors, equipment and industrial plant.


• Sensor & Data Interfaces • Volt-Free Digital I/O

• 4 - 20 mA Analogue I/O • RS232/RS485 Serial

• Bu • Us

e with ADSL modem for leased line ilt-In Security VPN with AES256


Mega_Bridge can communicate on a closed LAN or across networks and sites via Amazon Web Services, fully administered by Churchill Controls. This enables important security features using TLSv1.2 for authenticated and encrypted communications channels.

Churchill Controls 

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