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Han®metal ing option

housings he metal hoods and housings of the Han® B, EMC and M

inserts, a solution which greatly simplifies the preassembly series now offer rear mounting options for contact

With the new Han® metal housings, it is possible to lock of interfaces for control cabinets.

bulkhead mounting housing from the interior of a control the prefabricated inserts directly from the rear into the

from the inside of the cabinet through the panel cutout, cabinet. In the past, Han® inserts had to be conducted

before they could be preassembled outside. After that, they were pushed back and fixed into the bulkhead

insulation bodies are inserted into a plastic holding frame In the newly designed metal hoods and housings, the mounted housing.

that snaps safely into the aluminum die-cast enclosure, supported by a lug.


01604 827 500 

he Labcal PRO from Labfacility is fully characterised for Pt100 sensors and all major thermocouples J,K,N,T,E,R,S and B. Exceptionally stable automatic cold junction compensation with a rejection of 100:1 is incorporated for thermocouple ranges. Alternatively, external or manual referencing can be selected as required.


Displayed values and user information are indicated on a bright clear OLED screen with di Data can be displayed in °C, °F, K, Ω or mV as required; nine front panel push keys, the only u

ser controls, are used in ffused backlighting.

conjunction with the display screen. It is this arrangement which makes for very simple and 'friendly' operation. The Labcal PRO can accept two Pt100 sensors and/o

/or two thermocouples of similar or different types (J,K,N,T,E,R,S

and B). The measured temperature can be displayed directly from one of the inputs or differentially between similar or different inputs. Differential temperature and the two individual channel temperatures are displayed simultaneously.

Labfacility  01243 871280  Labcal PRO Precision Thermometer

ABB wins national Chell Unveils ImpressiveMultichannel Blender

This unique and innovative multichannel gas mixer will solve a variety of challenges in a wide range of industries. The Multichannel Blender is available with two, three or four customer specified channels for impressive gas mixing capability and range-ability.


“We’re always proud to be developing new solutions,” comments Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell Instruments. “We’re pleased this important and innovative product will improve ease and accuracy of gas blending for customers in many sectors.”

The Multichannel Blender ensures gases are fully mixed before leaving the unit with a custom blend chamber. A Purge function also makes sure there are no residual gases remaining within the blender manifold on completion, to ensure the purity of the next blend is never compromised. The custom manifold is orbitally welded and manufactured in stainless steel, ensuring excellent leak integrity.

Chell’s new design makes configuring gas mixes simple with a high resolution LCD front panel and intuitive menu, and an on-board web server allows connection via an Ethernet cable for performing read, control, set up and diagnostic/c

/calibration functions via a standard web browser.

“It’s another important innovation for Chell and our customers” says Nick. “Accurate gas mixing is a very involved process and engineers need to know they are using the very best equipment for the job. We’re thrilled to be introducing the new Multichannel Blender, one of the most accurate off-the-shelf gas mixing solutions on

The Multichannel Blender is available in several variants including models suitable for corrosive gasses the market.”


orld-renowned gas flow measurement specialists Chell Instruments have developed a new Multichannel Blender as a dedicated solution for highly accurate mixing of gases.

award fofor diverse training course portfofolio


BB has won “Contribution to Skills and Training” at the annual Motion Control Industry (MCI) awards. The prize recognises ABB’s commitment to helping industries to tackle their biggest challenges – from cutting energy consumption and CO2 emissions to reducing the millions of litres of clean drinking water lost through leakage. ABB offers more than 30 courses, several of which are CPD (continuous professional development) accredited. Targeting end users, contractors, consultants, machine builders and OEMs, the courses aim to improve engineering expertise, tackle technical challeng operational knowledge of applying and motors.

variable speed drives es and improve

ABB’s courses have upskilled thousands of engineers, managers and apprentices from a diverse range of industries. Trainees can choose between eLearning, hands- on training sessions at a site of their choice, or courses at ABB’s bespoke training school in Coalville, Leicestershire.

ABB Ltd.

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