A pump to support anyworkflow C

ole-Parmer introduces its “Connected Suite” of Masterflex® peristaltic pumps. As a global first, this range of pumps facilitates not only a wide range of functionality but also accommodates virtually any mode of communication required by technicians using them. From traditional, stand-alone pumps for simple fluid transfer to networking – and even Cloud-based – controlled devices for more advanced and demanding fluidic applications, the “Connected Suite” of pumps can help facilitate a successful outcome no matter what the workflow demands.

The traditional, stand-alone pumps are designed for simpler applications, where control over speed / flow rate, flow direction, and start / stop are the primary goals. Through a simple user interface, the full functionality of these pumps can be realised without relying on external devices controlling them. When implementing these pumps in an automated or semi-automated workflow, the functions of these pumps can be controlled via a contact closure input on the rear of the drive.

To begin migrating from simple fluid transfer to facilitating dispensing functions, the “Connected Suite” of pumps also includes computer-compatible digital drives. These precision drives feature a programmable dispense interval that lets operators set the delay between dispense cycles for convenient, automated dispensing. They can also be calibrated to ensure dispense and display accuracy. The operational features of these drives are controlled via the simple membrane keypad or remotely, offering support for both digital control (via a PC) and analogue remote control (via traditional wired connections), making these drives ideal for both stand-alone work and automated process applicat There are customers and applications, however, that demand a greater level of connectivity and control, either due to site protocol, governmental regulation streamline site-wide equipment operation. For these applications, drives with advanced networking capabilities are needed.

In the Cole-Parmer “Connected Sui

te” of pumps, there are s, or simply to ions.

drives that are equipped to support either Profibus or EtherNet/IP communication protocols, allowing these pumps to be easily integrated into a site-wide process workflow and to be remotely located on-site and still be controlled from a central location. As an added benefit, these advanced networking drives are also equipped with on-board Bluetooth®capabilities, supporting remote and wireless operation of critical drive functions – useful when the drive is placed in an environment where quick and easy access is not possible.

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High range - global application - secure data transfer

Schmersal launches new safety light grids with Bluetooth interface F or the first time, the Schmersal Group is launching

active optoelectronic protective device that makes all interface. The SLC440/COM with Bluetooth BLE is an a safety light grid with a built-in Bluetooth

status and diagnostic data on the operating status of

Bluetooth interface on a real-time basis. The Bluetooth the device available on smartphones or tablets via a

There is also the excellent option of saving the data, smartphone or tablet with the integrated setup aid. interface also supports easy start-up using a

which can then be used, for example, to document a repeat test or for predictive maintenance purposes. The transmission of data to smartphones / tablets (Android, IOS) is facilitated by an app developed by

radio system for near-field data transmission with Schmersal. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, a

secure transmission.

This innovative technology for optoelectronic safety Uniquely wide range

face can achieve a range of 100 times more at up to 5 range of a few centimetres, the Bluetooth BLE inter- available on the market. While NFC tools only offer a diagnostic tools based on NFC technology have been which the data can be communicated. Until now only systems is unique with respect to the range over

metres. This means the BLE interface is perfect when the opto-electronic safety system is in a relatively

inaccessible position. Bluetooth BLE also offers a greater range of applications because not all smartphones or tablets are equipped with NFC, but most have Bluetooth. As Bluetooth is an international industrial standard, the 440/COM range of light grids with Bluetooth BLE interface can be used all over the world.


2019 | PROCESS & CONTROL Schmersal Lt

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orld-renowned gas measurement and control experts Chell Instruments have introduced their newest design, the state-of-the-art CLC100 Leak Te

W Tester.

The CLC100 is just one of the many new instruments being developed at Chell and the latest leak tester equipment created by the Norfolk engineers. This easy to use machine is designed for fast and reliable leak testing in a huge range of applications. With a pressure range between -1 and 10 bar, the CLC100 accurately measures leaks in pressurised gas lines for optimum leak sensitivity. “This unique product has been developed with the customer in mind” states Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell. “It’s a necessity for any engineer working with pressurised gas lines. Not only does our CLC100 improve quality control but it’s the fastest and most accurate leak testing cycle on the market.”




State-of-f-the-Art Leak Tester


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