non-invasive ABB launch


fromMicronics NewUF D5500

Viscous Liquids, Sludge & Slurries, Solvents, Pulp Stock, suspensions or aerated liquids including: Raw Sewage, pumped, full pipe Wastewater and other solutions,


It’s a non-contact, non-invasive, Doppler flow meter with Food Products, Lubricating Oils & Crude Oil.

the facilities to measure, display, totalise, log and provide

drain-down systems or cut pipes and easy maintenance control functions from outside the pipe i.e. no need to

with the following benefits: No blocked flow sensors,

corrosion or contamination of the liquid being measured. obstruction to flow, system pressure drop, sensor

A New integral 26 million point data logger is now a

standard feature. Micronics

 01628 810456  ABB Ltd  01925 741 111  Rotork electric actuators powered by solar panels on US gas production wells Rotork intelligent full-turn electric actuators have been supplied for upstream shale gas production wells in the USA. E

ngineered for choke and control valve applications, Rotork’s IQTF actuators provide reliable flow control for oil and gas or process operations, capable of achieving accuracy to 0.3% and resolution to 0.1%. A highly accurate absolute position sensor can measure up to 22 output turns independent of

Rotork’s customer has ordered IQTF actuators to carry out modulating electrical power.

wellhead rotary non-rising choke valves at the East Te Texas section of the

Haynesville / Bossier shale gas formation, a Jurassic Period rock formation covering large parts of South West Arkansas, North West Louisiana and East Texas. Approximately 60 actuators have already been installed to control the flow and pressure of gas and condensate, a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons formed when pressure and temperature decrease as a result of well drilling, at the site near the city of Lufkin. Two IQTF actuators have been installed on each well. More t


All wells at the Haynesville formation are fully automated to maintain f have also been ordered to hold in the customer’s inventory.

low and han 30

well pressure. To maximise the lifespan of the wells, the customer uses two choke valves on each one to step pressure down from 10,000 psi to 1,200 psi. Shale gas is metered between the wellhead and midstream trunkline where it is transported to domestic supply customers as well as industries including LNG plants a power stations.

The remote location of the wells means a DC power supply using a sola and battery pack is being used to power the IQTF actuators. This solution was specified as a more reliable option than hydraulic or pneumatic actuation as it

r system nd

avoids potential leakage common in hydraulic actuators. Texas also has plenty of sun to use as a source while electric actuators use less power than a hydraulic system. In a separate project, more than 60 IQTF actuators have been ordered for a new well site at the Eagle Ford basin in South Texas, where they will again be installed two per well. The customer’s operations in both the Eagle Ford and Haynesville basins, as well as its oil and gas assets in the Permian-Delaware basin, contribute to the company producing 190,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in Texas and Louisiana.

Rotork’s lightweight, compact IQTF actuator provides fast and accurate valve control and can perform up to 1,800 starts per hour, an important factor given the need for a tight well flow threshold to avoid over pressure in the main trunkline. If too much gas is extracted in a short period of time the reservoir can implode or cause ground fractures which water or gas can infiltrate and cause a loss in production. The involvement of Rotork Site Services (RSS), which offered final commission and warranty, and Rotork’s support during initial testing and calibrating was also key in the customer’s decision to choose the company’s products.

IQTF actuators are available with rotary, linear or rising stem valve drive outputs to ISO / MSS standards.

A sealed for life internal lubrication system ensures reliability for the actuators installed on wells at unmanned, remote sites. This system uses oil which can perform in temperatures ranging from -50 to +70 °C (-58 to +158 °F), ideal for the environment in East Texas where temperatures very rarely drop below the lowest point.

Rotork PLC CONNECTIN GINDUSTRY.  +44 (0) 1225 733492 Y.COM/PROCESS&CONTROL  PROCESS & CONTROL | JUNE 2019 4 3 duties on

he New UF D5500 from Micronics is a “Best Value” easy to use, non-contact flow meter for the measurement of


es highly accurate, temperature sensor

New NiTemp non-invasive temperature sensor opens unprecedented opportunities for temperature measurement in process plants worldwide

BB’s new NiTemp non-invasive temperature sensor offers a simpler and safer way of measuring process

temperature without the need to shut down a pipeline, drill a hole, o sensor algorit

hm, NiTemp greatly enhances safety and reduces architecture and specially developed calculation r install a thermowell. With its innovative double

installation costs without sacrificing the quality of the measurement.

The device is designed for surface measurement and eliminates the need for a thermowell, avoiding pro-cess intrusion altogether and greatly increasing the safety of people, plants, and the environment. As such, it can be used in a range of applications, including processes with hazardous media, special hygiene requirements and/o stringent cleaning requirements and high-pressure processes with high bending loads or use with abrasive media. The NiTemp approach is inherently safe, compliant with safety standards, and simplifies environmental aspects. With the sensor able to be installed and maintained without shutting down a process, plant availability is improved and system costs are lowered, helping to reduce CAPEX costs by at least 30%.

/or The new temperature sensor uses innovative technology

with proven components, such as standard in-sets widely utilized in industry. It has been developed through direct testing and feedback from key cus-tomers in the oil and gas, chemical, and food and beverage industries. Moreover, the handling of

NiTemp is easy and straightforward, from ordering to maintenance, and the common ABB look and feel with text display makes commissioning and handling easy.

The device is suitable for different media and pipe diameters and can be used in all areas of the process industry and power generation.

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