Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces extremely quiet, dry pumps

Look for the ‘Swoop’ to

guarantee a trusted kitemarked genuine JSP Bump cap


he HardCap™ A1+ bump caps are widely recognised – look for the distinctive swoop to guarantee you are

purchasing a genuine JSP Product. This distinctive ‘Swoop’ shape and positioning on JSP Limited’s HardCap™ A1+ bump cap is highly recognisable as a Badge of Origin of the JSP quality product.The popular HardCap™ A1+ from JSP is a robust full shell Bump Cap which for over a decade has offered multiple mainstream and specialist options with peak lengths of 2.5cm, 5cm or 7cm. It is designed to be worn in work environments where there is a risk of impact to the front, top and also scrapes to the side of the head from stationary objects. The unique angled adjuster designed to fit under the

occipital bone at the rear of the skull means that one size really does fit comfortable and securely. The padded castellated protective liner is removable, so the cap is machine-washable for hygiene purposes. It has a terry- towelling sweatband for added comfort and all colour-ways have subtle reflective piping for added visibility.

JSP Limited u +44 (0)1993 824000 u u

• Dry vacuum pumps • Best in class for noise level • Intelligent pump controls

speeds of 6 to 20 m³/h. The new pumps are characterized by their compact design and quiet, low-vibration operation (<47 dB[A], and <42 dB[A] in stand- by mode). Excellent water vapor tolerance thanks to the two stage gas ballast. As a


result condensation in the vacuum pump is avoided. With these features, the pumps are ideal for use in many applications in analytics, biomedicine, phar- maceuticals and research and development. They are used in mass spec- trometry, electron microscopy, surface analysis, accelerators and laboratory applications, but also in the semiconductor industry, coating processes and gas recovery. The HiScroll’s active temperature control ensures optimal cooling and

guarantees the lowest noise level. Jürgen Keller, Pfeiffer Vacuum Market Manager for Analytics says: “We are proud of the fact that our new scroll pumps have the lowest noise emissions in their class. These dry pumps can also be easily connected to other Pfeiffer Vacuum products, such as turbopumps, or operated by higher-level controls via the RS-485 or ProfiNet interface. We drive sustainable solutions and help to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint with our new engine concept”. An intelligent interface makes it possible to define specific pressure ranges or a rotation speed setting mode, so

that the pump can be optimally adapted to suit the application. This minimizes wear in the pump resulting in longer to service time intervals. The proven quality of Pfeiffer Vacuum products with first-class, durable components also ensures a long service life as well as lower operating costs. The pumps are easy to maintain, which not only reduces the time to service but also ensures the highest level of reliability. The integrated safety valve and the self-regulat- ing operation of the pump guarantee safe and reliable use. The powerful motor is up to 15% more efficient than conventional drives. This ensures outstanding performance

while keeping temperatures low, which in turn simplifies the cooling of systems and plants. The new generation of scrollpumps – a perfect solution for your needs: u +49 6441 802 1223

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

he HiScroll models from Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new range of scroll pumps are oil-free, hermetically sealed vacuum pumps with high nominal pumping


The Snickers Workwear Family


ith all the Hallmarks you find

in Snickers Workwear – quality, comfort, dura- bility and street-smart style, Solid Gear safety shoes and boots are fast becoming one of the most popular brands chosen by discerning tradesmen and women. With a wide range to

What’s the real cost of pressure vessel repair? W

hether you’re looking at a multiple tube repair or furnace section replacement, the costs associated with pressure vessel repair – certified materials, coded welders, insurer-appointed NDT inspectors, acid cleaning,

refractory replacement and even boiler hire – can begin to spiral and run into tens of thousands. And all this before you take into account the financial impact from the boiler/process downtime. So, if you’re specifying/replacing steam raising plant, don’t just consider the initial capital costs but look at

the bigger picture, such as the design of a steam boiler and the potential risks from boiler/process downtime. Unlike conventional vertical and horizontal shell and tube boilers, Fulton’s VSRT utilises a floating, self-com-

pensating heat exchanger design that eliminates thermal shock risk. Factor in no tubes or refractory and the probability of a costly repair is greatly reduced. The VSRT is also backed by an industry-defining, 10-year pressure vessel warranty. So perhaps the question you should ask is what is the value of your peace

of mind? Fulton Ltd


choose from that inte- grate the type of mod- ern technical designs you’ll find in outdoor and athletic footwear, Solid Gear safety footwear combines best in class materials for comfort, protection and durability. There’s a host of first-to-market features like GORE-Tex

Surround Technology for unrivalled and all-round breathability. Plus ETPU sports footwear performance that delivers unrivalled footbed energy return that really puts a spring in your step. Added to the Vibram outsoles and Cordura Rip-Stop fabric in

other styles, you’ll get rugged protection all day long. What’s more, the GORE-Tex Fabric Technology also makes the footwear water repellent and waterproof to keep your feet dry. Added to which, the unique BOA Closure System on certain styles, distributes the pressure evenly across your feet to ensure a glove-like fit.

Solid Gear u 01484 854788 u


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