SOLIDS 2020: newmultifunctional HDS switchgear series fofor heavy industr y T

The function range is also divided i and extraction.

plant parts.

An additional advantage of the HDS platform is that all basic versions have been prepared for use with an optional Dupline 2 wire bus and can be directly connected, allowing the switches to be quickly and easily connected and integrated in series. The Dupline Standard or Dupline Safety 2 wire bus is ideal for reliable signal transmission over wide distances. Cloud study for monitoring conveyor systems

‘At SOLIDS 2020, we will be showcasing a first cloud study for monitoring of our switchgear on con- veyor systems. Our emergency-stop and belt alignment switches are equipped wi that all switching operations are transmitted to the cloud. They can then be mon online using a web browser or PC or smartphone,’ explains Udo Skin, heavy indus Schmersal.

The Schmersal Group offers complete solutions for conveyor technology, all fr offering not only personal protection but also process protection on conveyor sy time quality control of bulk materials during conveyor operation.

stems as well as real- om a single source, try manager at

Users in the mining industry, cement and steel industries and bulk materials and agricultural indus - tries can take advantage of Schmersal’s integrated systems and solutions wherever they are in th e world, plus a range of consultancy and other associated services .

Schmersal Group  01684 57 19 80

hmersal Group  ATEX Approval for TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter D

ynasonics® TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters for liquid flow measurement and Heat metering (Heating & Cooling flows) include data logging and alarm history with a time and date stamp and are ideally suited for HVAC, water and wastewater, oil and gas and industrial flow and energy measurement applications.

automotive, waste water, oil an models measuring DN65 and la

hazardous zone approvals.

Whilst this model can be specified for pipe diameters DN12 to DN1200, the approval covers models from DN65 and above and classification is : • II 3 G Ex ec nC ic IIC T4 Gc • II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T100 °C Dc

installation cost while eliminati tap or cut into the pipe, providi meters' clamp on flow sensors

The TFX-5000 meter uses transit time measurement to determine the flow rate and total volume. When ordered as an energy meter option with the supplied pair of PT1000 RTDs, the TFX-5000 energy meter can calculate heat transfer rate and energy usage clamp on to the outside of the pipe, there i

ng considerable benefits in terms of the reduction in total ng the potential for contamination and meter fouling.

The TFX-5000 non-intrusive flow meter replaces the Dynasonics® TFX Ultra - ultrasonic clamp-on meter and is suited to the same applications and more whilst it also includes the following improvements:

• Data logging and real-time clock

• Addition of the adjustable small pipe transducer, only one sensor for small pipes! • Large display with keypa d and improved diagnostic message s • Improved pipe clamp RTDs • AquaCUE® Flow Measurem • Security passcode protection

ent Manager/BEACON® Advanced Metering for energy metering

• English, French, German, Italian and Spanish configuration menus

• SoloCUE® Flow Device Manager configuration software (included free with each model purchased) • The TFX-5000 meter is CE certified. (ATEX approval is on-going and expected for early 2020.)

Belll Flow S 36 36 l Flow Systems ems MARC H 2020MARCH 2020 | PROCESSPROCESS & CO CONTRO RO L  01280 817304  CONNECTN CONNECTINGI GINDUSTRY.  Y.CO M/PR CESS&CONTR /PROCESS&CONTROL Analytics with remote connectivity

s no requirement to . As the TFX-5000

Badger Meter is happy to announce new hazardous area certification to ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 for the Dynasonics® TFX-5000 transit time ultrasonic flow meter. The certification covers rger, making the solution ideal for flow measurement in d gas and other general industrial applications requiring

itored in real time and th a WLAN beacon so

he Schmersal Group will be showcasing the new HDS switchgear series at SOLIDS 2020, specially designed for the requirements of the bulk materials industry. The Heavy Duty Switch (HDS) unites a range of functions into a single platform, making it suitable for an extremely wide range of applications. In addition, the HDS platform has a range of international approvals, including CE, UL, CCC, (EAC, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO in progress).

The basis of the new platform is the standardised enclosure concept, which is available in two ver- sions: plastic (Duroplast) and grey cast iron. The plastic version is resistant to aggressive media and especially suitable in port logistics applications and loading and unloading operations, as well as in the agricultural industry in the processing of fertilisers, minerals and phosphates. The robust grey cast iron version is suitable for uses including the mining of heavy metallic ores in opencast mines, bulk materials

with a range of actuating elements an wire switch, and the position monitor.

nto two basic versions: the emergency-stop, designed as a pull- The basic switch – ‘Position Control’ – can be flexibly combined d can be used for position monitoring on moving machinery and

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