Shanghai Disney Resort is using Stratus Technologies’ ftServer platform to enable always-on water circulation and treatment

hanghai Disney Resort is the first Disney park resort in Mainland China and the second in Greater China. The resort is home to the Shanghai Disneyland theme park, which features six lands, two themed hotels, the Disneytown shopping, dining and entertainment district, a Broadway-style theatre, Wishing Star Park and other outdoor recreation areas. The resort opened in June 2016 and cost nearly $5.5 billion to construct, and attracts more than 25 million visitors a year. The Shanghai Disney Resort features


man made lakes and public green spaces that span the 963-acre property. A project of this size and scope requires a comprehensive water circulation and irrigation system, along with an integrated water treatment plant, to maintain water quality standards. Shanghai Shendi Group designed and constructed an engineering infrastructure with the capacity to treat up to 24,000m3

/d of water. The system enables

continuous circular processing of central lake water, which maintains total phosphorous below 0.01-0.02mg/L, and ammonia nitrogen at no more than 0.05mg/L –measurements that exceed national quality standards for scenic surface water. The complex infrastructure relies on an automated software system – comprising management, monitoring, data, and field control layers – to track, control and analyse all system equipment and data and drive seamless production and operation. Lake and irrigation water throughout the

park is tested on a regular basis to ensure it meets the resort’s quality standards. If the automated water treatment system experiences even brief unscheduled downtime, the water could quickly become contaminated and fail to meet established quality standards. In order to mitigate this potential risk, Shanghai Shendi Group needed a way to keep the resort’s scenic water treatment system up and running all the time. To meet this continuous availability requirement, the company set out to evaluate downtime prevention solutions. Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System (HITE), a manufacturer and system integration service provider, recommended the fault- tolerant Stratus ftServer platform. This platform was ultimately selected because of its proven reliability, ease of maintenance, and success in preventing downtime at other water treatment systems across the globe. Shanghai Shendi Group purchased four

The water circulation, treatment and irrigation systems at Shanghai Disney Resort help provide a lush and welcoming environment


Siltbuster is playing a crucial role in the vast bush fire recovery operations in Australia, with its products being used in the process to help produce essential clean and safe drinking water for the surrounding populations in some of the most harshly affected areas. Siltbuster’s Australian partner, PR Power, is working with numerous local water companies by deploying Siltbuster’s water treatment solutions across affected states to prevent polluted water from reaching the region’s local water treatment plants. Siltbuster’s Lamella Clarifiers are acting as a primary treatment source. Although compact with a

minimal footprint, each is capable of treating just under one million litres of contaminated water every day, and removes suspended solids, soil, and pollutants, including vast quantities of ash, from the water before it enters the treatment plants. Without this, the water treatment plants could easily become overloaded by the polluted waters, impairing their processing ability and, in the worst cases, failing completely. Such water pollution has become a risk due to the combination of both the bush fires and flooding in the

region. The bush fires have not only wreaked devastation in the area, but they have also damaged and removed the land’s topsoil and vegetation, making it a very vulnerable landscape to flooding. So when the region faced considerable, sudden short bursts of heavy rainfall, the already heavily ash-laden water picked up soil particles, which became suspended in the water. By treating such water before it gets to the local water treatment plant, the Siltbuster water treatment

solutions, deployed by PR Power, are helping to ensure people continue to receive safe water. Siltbuster


ftServer 6410 series platforms to build the core architecture of the water treatment project’s control room. ftServer proactively prevents downtime and data loss before it occurs to deliver 99.9999% availability without impacting system performance. The ftServer solution’s always-on capabilities are achieved with lockstep technology and real-time management and monitoring. Mirrored hardware components process the same instructions in “lockstep”– at exactly the same time. In the event of a component malfunction, the mirrored component continues processing without any system interruption. An Automated Uptime Software Layer identifies, manages and takes corrective action on failed components before they affect operations by monitoring more than 500 system components. In addition, ftServer enables control room IT staff to monitor the water treatment system infrastructure in a single dashboard and automatically restart applications after an unrecoverable error to avoid downtime or loss of in-flight data. Shanghai Disney Resort’s water treatment project was launched 18 months before the park opened to visitors in order to allow adequate time for system testing and optimisation. Since the project went live, ftServer has enabled always-on water circulation and treatment as well as stable, continuous transmission and storage of field data – with zero unplanned downtime. This means quality standards for second-class surface water throughout the property are consistently met. In addition, the ftServer platform has been easy and cost-effective to maintain with no need for failover scripting, repeated test procedures or any extra effort to make applications cluster-aware. Hot-swappable replacement units (CRUs) are simple to replace, without requiring user intervention or special tools, while the platform and applications continue to run seamlessly. Shanghai Shendi Group expects to achieve low total cost of ownership and high return on investment. Mr. Pang, chief engineer, Shanghai

Disney, said: “Our water circulation, treatment, and irrigation system enables us to provide a lush and welcoming park environment that exceeds national standards for surface water quality. We can count on the Stratus ftServer solution to eliminate single points of technical failure so this critical system runs continuously – without unscheduled interruptions – for smooth, reliable operations.”

Stratus Technologies


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