ULTRA 4 – THE LATEST REVOLUTION Pulsar Process Measurement has introduced a new addition to

water industry increase efficiency and i oday’s UK water industry faces

T increas ing pressure to provide data

and incre ase efficiency of their operations. Water companies across the UK have committ ed themselves to invest ing in the upgrade of infrastructure to improve our water supplies and to cope with unplanned weather events.

Pulsar ProcessMeasurement is pleased to introduce a new addition to its Ultra Controller family, that helps water

compani es achieve just that. The Ultra 4 is a brand-new controll er in the Pulsar portfolio and buil ds on the world-leading technol ogy we have seen in previous products. The Ultra 4 offers th e

sophistication and advanc e d features o f the rest of the Ultra range in a compact, cost-effective package and useful new featuresm ake it even easier to set up and fine-tune. Offering, as the name suggests, four alarmor control relays (3 x SPCO isolated and 1 x SPNO solid state) and a multifunctional disp lay whi le losi ng none

its Ultra Controller family. The Ultra 4 aims to help the UK water industry increase efficiency and improve water suppl es

its U tra Controller family. Th

ltra 4 aim to help the U prove water suppli

of the easy set -up a nd configurat ion tha t hasmade t he Ult ra range the natural choi ce for non-contacti ngmeasurement world-wide.

Like the rest of Pulsar’s ‘transducer plus controller’ ranges, Ultr a 4 is compatible with both dB ultrasonic and dBR radar transducers. These non-contacting technologies are complementary –

measuri ng by signal analysis but excelling in different situations. Radar being preferr ed where there is variat ion in temperature or cha

hanges in gas

diesel tankmonitor used in thousan ds mist or rain, and u

composition, and extremes of fog, haze ltrasonic technol ogy is

oring, th rough to pum p of applications from

station control. Amajor benefit to Pulsar customers is that they have the freedom of choice, so when the goi ng gets tough in those applications high temperatures

and vapors; the Ult ra 4 where there is foam,

is compatible with both ultrasonic and FMCWradar trans ducer heads.

The Ultra 4 offers the sophistication and

he Ultra 4 offers the sophistication and

advanced features of the rest of the Ultra range in a compact, cost-

rest of the Ultra range in a compact, cost- effective package

This brand-new controller can be either wall or fasciamounted and includes all of themaj

aj or communication protocols that

are widely used across t he UK water industry, includi ng HART, Profibus and Modbus digital communications options and the convenience of on-boardmicro SD card slot for extended da ta logging. Like the rest of t he Ult ra range, Ult ra 4 also offers in-built volume calculations based on standard t ank shapes, as well as advanced pump control and open channel flowmeasurement functions.

Pulsar Process Measurement T: 01684 891371 www.

wo ww pul om

ULT RA 4 – HE LATEST REVOLUTION sar Process M asurement has i troduced a new addition to

Introducing Ultra 4

The latest evolution to Pulsar’s controller range

• Cost effective • • • • • •

T:  

Radar or Ultrasonic Operation On-screen trend monitoring

Comprehensive pump control functionality Open channel fl w measur Limitless data capacity

flow measurement Wall or fascia mount options  E:    %#&  W: #')& ((&)"$')! ') & ((&)"$')! PROCES S PROCESS & CONTRO ROL | MARCH 2020 MAR 15


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